Madrid 2019 here we are !! We are super happy to anounce that we started with the most amazing Photo tours in Madrid ! I am sure you are thinking right now; Oke Cool! But why are your tours amazing compare to other tours?

It is ofcourse possible to book tours with a big company who prepared all tours and is giving them for years! They will make you the regular picture in front of the Royal Palace and share the history of the beautiful buildings! &Yep, that is right, I am totally new in this but I do have the biggest passion for hospitality and to give people the best experience ever! I give tours to a group of maximum 8 persons. The reason behind it is because I love to meet new people and love to interact. With a big group this is almost impossible and you cant have time for everyone. So here I am, Living in Madrid and ready to give Photo tours!

Why Tours with Travel and Abroad?

When I started thinking what are my biggest passions, I instantly had the answer: Helping others, explore hidden places & Photography. But how to combine this? I received so many visit over the months here in Madrid and eveyone wants to see the city! And in the beginning I tought, o god now I have so show every weekend the same touristic places & you know the funny part of it: I LOVE IT!! Especially cause everyone has other interests. 1 person likes musea’s, the other one likes bars, one likes history and the other one really likes colorful streets. The last 3 years I mingled a lot with many many locals here from Madrid what gave me the uppertunity to find the real hidden spots in Madrid. You know what is funny? Sometimes I am talking with people from Madrid and show them places they didn’t even see! (then I am secretly laughing from the inside cause I love it)

Because I know lots of hidden spots I would like to share this with others. As I also have a big passion for photography, I always bring a long my camera with the tour. Why? Because if you like it I can make your tour even more memorable to make pictures during the tour and to send them by email afterworths. In stead of having the standard picture in front of the Royal Palace made by someone who passes by, I will make the best out of it on a fun and easy way! If you have a camera yourself, please bring it! I can give you tips from which side you can take the best pictures.

What Tours does Travel and Abroad offer?

At the moment we offer 2 different tours ! Soon we will add more tours but this is what we have at the moment. The reason that there are only 2 tours now is because I do the tours myself. I am a super social person who loves to meet other people and instead of giving others the assignment to do the tour I want to really do it myself.


Walking tour Madrid

The first tour we offer is a 4 hours walking tour through the City of Madrid by camera. We will meet in the beaufitul streets of La Latina and that is the place where the tour will start. I will explain you a bit what you are going to visit but.. I am not going to tell you everything as then it is not a surprise anymore! You will for sure see:

  • The Egyptian Temple
  • The Royal Palace
  • Sol
  • Gran Via
  • Retiro Park

Next to those head topics there is time enough to have a visit in the San Miguel Market to enjoy a real Spanish tapas with a drink! Within those places we are going to visit we stop in several hidden streets of Madrid and 1 hidden bar.

Important to know is that I really take the time for everyone and to give you the best experience, tickets for musea or if you would like to enter IN the Royal Palace, those expenses are not included. If you prefer this I can book this in advance for you. Are you thinking now, mmm I really love it but I also really want to see something else. I am super easy! Let me know and I make my schedule as you wish! You can book the tour Madrid here:

Photo tours in Madrid

Explore Madrid on a different way!

The second Photo tours in Madrid we offer is something completely different but SUPER awesom!! Everyone who is visiting Madrid is always focussed on the City Centre (what I truly onderstund cause the city is really amazing). But so many people are not aware that Madrid is way more then a big city! The mountains, the lakes are only on a 40 minutes drive distance!! Did you know that? Well I can tell you, even many people of Madrid never been there and they are not aware of it!

The first time I went there, I could only stand still and I fell in Love (again). I tought I was in Canada! I had never seen something that beautiful. So people, don’t only look for tours in Madrid but really as well go for tours outside Madrid! (And funny part is, Madrid is so big.. You think you are outside Madrid but you are still in the Comunidad of Madrid!)

Photo tours in Madrid why?

So what is the plan? We will meet in Berruguete where I live and we step together in my sweet beautiful car to have a nice small roadtrip to the mountains! The trip will be around 40 min to get there but don’t worry. I love to meet new people and to hear others stories so we proberly won’t stop talking!

The place we go is called: El Berrueco. We drive up the mountains cause I have to show you the view where I was talking about before what looks like Canada! Here you can make amazing pictures and as the other tour I will also bring my camera so if you like I can make the most beautiful pictures here. We can walk around here to see the beautiful and silene nature.

We will continue by car down the big mountains to the lakes. This is a total different view but also absolutly beautiful! In stead of looking down the mountains you are now looking up the mountains. There is enough time to walk around here as well and even to take a swim! So don’t forget to bring your swimming clothes! When you are ready to continue we will go to the little village of El Berrueco to visit the sailing village where you will find many many sailboats and again beautiful views. Here we will go for a Spanish tapas and a drink in a typical Spanish bar. This is btw included in the price. The tour will remain 5 hours so we also really have the time together. In the end I will bring you back safe by car.You can book the Tour outside Madrid here:

You can see all our work on our instagram:

Are you excited?

Well I don’t know if you are excited, but I AM!! Let me show you Madrid on a local and totally different way with Photo tours in Madrid! I am looking really forward to meet you! Don’t bother if you have any questions or comments! I am here for you!

Here are some of our best selling photoshoots in Madrid:


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