couple photoshoot madrid
couple photoshoot madrid

Are you visiting Madrid soon? Perhaps you know someone who is traveling to this beautiful city or do you even live here!? Let me give you a real local photoshoot Madrid experience so you go back home with a beautiful memory! Is it not for you but is it a surprise? We recently made super cool giftcards so you can give the photoshoot as a present! Below I will talk a bit more about which different photoshoots we offer.

Photoshoot in Madrid, which different photoshoots does Travel and Abroad offer?

Photoshoot in Madrid Solo

The photoshoot in Madrid Solo package is a very popular package for solo travelers! So many people now a days travel alone and discover the world! For the solo traveler we made a whole package where we will walk through the city for 3 hours and make beautiful professional pictures on each highlight of Madrid so you go home with a real big souvenir from your trip.

For the locals we also have a solo photoshoot available ofcourse! And even if you are a local but you prefer the 3 hour walking photoshoot, then please feel free to go for this package! But we also offer the Portrait photoshoot in Madrid package which is fully foccused on a beautiful portrait. I sometimes receive questions, if I work in a studio as well. I dont! never felt like working in a studio as I first of all, love to be outside and in my opinion everyone is more themselve when they are outside which I can see in the picture. My preference for the portait photoshoot Madrid goes to the Royal Palace or the Retiro Park. If you have a difference preference, I am open and we will go to your favourite spot!

photoshoot mountains madrid MADRID

Photoshoot Madrid Couples

Are you 1 month together, or 40 years? Perhaps you are getting to drop the big question? Every couple is welcome to the couple photoshoot. We LOVE to capture the love between 2 beautiful people. We offer the couple photoshoots in Madrid but also in the Mountains of Madrid. This photoshoot really totally depends on your taste and what you have in mind for backgrounds. Do you live here and you would like a very beautiful natural background? Go for the mountain photoshoot Madrid. Are you on holiday and you would like to show your family how Madrid is? Then go for the Couple Photoshoot Madrid where you have different Madrid backgrounds. Or ofcourse you can do both!


Family Photoshoot

Do you have a small family or a big family? Everyone is welcome within the Family photoshoot! For this Family Photoshoot our preference will go to a beautiful park like the Retiro where we can play with different styles and stay together as a group. Depends how big the family is of course. Travel and Abroad will take material with them during each family photoshoot for little kids and babies to get there attention for the photoshoot. We also do Family photoshoots in Madrid by house. Do you have a new born or you prefer to stay home? We have a car so we will drive your way!

Engagement Photoshoot / Proposal

Madrid has become a popular city for traveling and besides that, it became a very popular city for proposals and engagement photohoots! And no wonder!! Madrid, and Spain in general both have so much to offer. Specially for getting the perfect and beautiful picture! You will find beautiful streets, monuments, plaza’s on almost every corner of the street. For this photoshoot I must say that the Madrid Mountain Photoshoot is very popular for dropping the big question or make beautiful engagement photoshoots. So make sure you are wearing your ring! And we will do the rest!

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