YES!!! You just found the COOLEST solo travel Madrid Experience there is! First of all, are you traveling alone and you would like to meet a friend? You wan’t awesome pictures of your trip because you love it and to show your family where you are? (and not the typical blurry picture where your hair is stuck in your face) then yes yes yes! You are on the correct website! With a rating of top 10 in the WORLD for best community of solo travelers we are super proud to announce our Solo Travel Madrid package!

Well, we offer the solution! We are a young team and we LOVE to make new friends from all over the world! We do these tours 7 days a week and we still have contact with almost ALL of our solo travelers!

Solo Travel Madrid

What is the Solo Travel Madrid Package?

We give tours including photoshoots! But, on a very relaxed and chilled way! So no hurry! As we do every tour private it is a really YOU time so you can enjoy fulliest. You don’t need to worry about someone else goes on the picture or that someone else talks the entire time. No this experience is for you, and ONLY you! We will walk around, get to know each other, we will show you the city, all the highlighst of the city and we wil make on every cool spot professional pictures so you don’t need to worry anymore about the pictures of your city trip to Madrid!

First of all, before the tour starts we already have contact with each other and we will send you a nice list with reccommendations about the city, where to eat tapas and where to have a nice drink. Even more reasons to start your holiday perfect! The day you have booked the tour with us we will start in front of the Temple of Debod. We will walk to all following spots and we will make pictures everywhere:

*Temple of Debod
*Sabatini Gardens
*Oriental Plaza
*Royal Palace
*Almudena Catedral
*Colorfull streets in La Latina
*San Miguel Mercado
*Plaza Mayor
*San Gines
*Gran Via
*Plaza Cibiles
*Retiro Park

Solo travel Madrid

Is 3 hours not too long?

NO!! OMG its defenitly NOT too long! Ofcourse, I know it is a long walk, 3 hours! But we really need the 3 hours to complete the Madrid Phototour. You can find lots of tours which will take 1/1.5 hour. Out of experience and believe me, Madrid is TOO big to see in 1.5 hour so you basicly can’t. And let me be honest to you, within the 3 hours Phototour we do, you also don’t see the entire city. But we do cover most places and the most important places! Above all, you will have a good knowledge about Madrid after the tour and you will go home with a beautiful memory from the pictures we captures during the Phototour.

Within the tour we will go somewhere to a nice spanish place to have a nice coffee or perhaps a drink! Depends on the time of the day lets say. Almost with every solo traveller we always meet up in the evening or even some days after to reconnect again to hang out! That’s how much we love the community and to get to know more people from all over the world. So don’t feel a stranger, because we are defenitly NOT! We will be a new friend in a new town!

Solo travel Madrid

Do you only have this package in Madrid?

We started this in Madrid but with such good results, reviews and feedback we recently started this as well in the cities:

*El Esociral
*The Mountains of Madrid

The cities above we also go by car, what means your transportation will be included in the price ! Would you be interested in more cities, we have lots of package deals as well so we are stuck together for a few days! And I can tell you, that will be lots of fun! If you are scared of taking pictures, please don’t worry about this. I am very trained in this and the first picture you will proberly be a bit nervous but by picture 2 you have the feeling your friend is making them and you will already start acting crazy yourself! That is a promise I will guarentee you!

Solo Travel Madrid

Check out our Madrid Phototour:

See more pictures on our instagram:

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