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Is your holiday nearby? And you are almost ready to go to the airport to catch your well deserved holiday to Spain? Well, from now on.. you DONT have to look further anymore for what you have to do or what you have to see in Madrid! We from Travel and Abroad, offer very unique experiences. Every day we hold several tours in the city Madrid, Toledo, Avila, Segovia, Valencia & Marbella. All tour we offer are private. The Tourguide is also a professional photographer and with these skills we can off you a private unique experience. With the Tour Madrid you will explore the city. Get a big knowledge about the history of the city and you will go home with beautiful professional pictures from your trip.

What will you see during the tour Madrid?

First of all, every tour we do is Private. This means that it will be you with the tourguide/photographer. If you are alone, or a couple or a family or a group of friends. This doesn’t matter for us! If you book with us it is a true YOU time so the attention and the tour goes only to you!

Before we even met, we will already send you a nice recommendation list where you can find many restaurants, tapas bars and good and nice places to have a drink. So the moment you arrive in Madrid, you are not totally lost because you already have some nice spots to visit and to start your holiday!

From here we will meet and we will start the tour! We will meet in front of the Temple of Debod. In each and every spot we go you will receive information about he history & we will make professional pictures of you with each beautiful background so you will capture your entire trip.

We will visit the following Places:
*Temple of Debod
*Sabatini Gardens
*Royal Palace & Oriental Plaza
*Almudena Catedral
*San Miguel Market
*Plaza Mayor
*Chocelateria San Gines
*Gran via & a stop in a rooftop bar
*Plaza Cibilez
*Retiro Park

Tour Madrid
Tour Madrid

How long is the Madrid Tour?

The Tour Madrid will take aprox 3 hours. I know it is a long walk, but we will promise you.. it truly doens’t feel like that! You don’t even notice you walk that much! Actually we really need the 3 hours to complete the Madrid Phototour. You can find lots of tours which will take 1/1.5 hour. Out of experience and believe me, Madrid is TOO big to see in 1.5 hour so you basicly can’t. And let me be honest to you, within the 3 hours Phototour we do, you also don’t see the entire city. But we do cover most places and the most important places! Above all, you will have a good knowledge about Madrid after the tour and you will go home with a beautiful memory from the pictures we captures during the Phototour.

tour madrid
tour madrid

Can I make my own tour?

If you have other ideas of what you would like to see from Madrid. Or perhaps you would really like to see that specific church? Please tell us! We are super flexible and we want YOU to have the best time of your trip. We don’t mind it at all to walk a bit longer to add your favourite spot to the list. Or maybe you want a complete different tour? Tell us, and we will make the tour happen for you! Together with the Pro Guid/Photographer, we will make sure you will have an unforgettable time in Madrid!

Do you have more tours besides the Tour Madrid?

We offer phototours in the following cities: Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial, Avila, Valencia & Marbella. Soon we will open more cities in Europe to offer from Travel and Abroad the famous phototours we do! Above all, how cool is it? To explore the city with a friend and to go home with beautiful pictures? The team is very young and we are really focussed on community. So we are 100% sure that after the tour, you don’t see us as tourguides, you will see us as your new friends in Spain!

Besides the phototours we also do daytrips which combines more cities in 1 day. For an example we offer the Private Toledo & Segovia day. Hereby we will go by car, so you don’t need to worry about transportation or how to get there! Everything we do is always in a complete package. We will pick you up from your accommodation and we will drive to the cities where you will have a tour and photography included again. In the evening we will drive you safe home again. As you see, we have different options so please contact us if you would like more packages!

Tour Madrid
Tour Madrid

How many pictures will we receive after the tour?

When the tour ends, the team will go home to already start looking at all the pictures and to start editing them. Within the Tour Madrid we always give ALL the pictures of the photosession, so think about 80+ pictures. Within 72 hours you will receive a link from travelandabroad where you can download them all on your computer or phone. Also the link will have have a webshop where you can even print the pictures or make them big on a canvas or make puzzles!

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