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Who is not on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media platform now a days? One of the best tricks to gain followers on instagram is to post consistently and to 1 certain type of feed with professional beautiful pictures. A lot of people think working with instagram and gaining followers is easy but you will find out it is a big challenge to keep up with it every day!

We at Travel and Abroad work with a lot of influencers and we have tons of experiences to upgrade your social media feed. We know all the secret and hidden spots in the cities and we will capture the best pictures for your with the best background what will gain your followers.

Now we will give you 25 different photoshoot ideas which will not only upgrade your instagram but also help you create the best feed for your social media platform!


Tip Number 1:

Colorful backgrounds

Did you know that when you scroll through your Instagram feed and you stop for 2 second to check out a picture that Instagram notice this? With all the pictures you see there is timing including and the more seconds you spend on a picture, Instagram knows what kind of pictures you are searching for. This can be in Travel, restaurants, blogs ectr. You see that a lot of people always spent more time with colorful background pictures.

When you scroll fast but you see something really colorful you will properly go back to check out what it was. This is why it’s really good for your instagram photo shoot to use colorful backgrounds. You can mostly find colorful background in each and every city! Think about 1 color wall or maybe a graffiti wall where you see more colors for the instagram photoshoot. When you hire Professional photographer he/she will give you tons of photoshoot ideas for your instagram and as we work with all locals. He/she knows all the secret hidden gems of the city and will bring you to the perfect colored background spots!



Tip Number 2:

Bring Flowers

Who does not love flowers?? These photoshoot ideas will upgrade your instagram for sure! With spring lot and lots of people are hiring a professional photographer to upgrade their social media. Every one want’s to capture the best picture with beautiful seasonal flowers. If there is not beautiful tree close to you, buy some flowers. Think about lilies, or tulips and the professional photographer will capture the best picture for you.

Photographer in Santa Rosa CA - Birthday phtoshoot


Tip Number 3:

Your favorite drink!

Not bad at all right?? You have a professional photoshoot + you can drink your favorite drink! I will sign up for sure! Think about a nice coffee, ice coffee or perhaps a margarita is your favorite drink. With these photoshoot ideas like holding a nice coffee in your hand will make is 100% photogenic. The professional photographer will help you in your posing of course but let’s be honest.. Your drink within this photoshoot need to do all the work!

Group travel madrid


Tip Number 4:


We all work so hard and specially on instagram your followers are interested in what you are doing! Otherwise they won’t follow you right? So When you work hard and you are proud of a certain accomplishment, show it to them! They will appreciate you more and they will be proud on you. And who doesn’t like to receive a compliment? Tell your professional photographer about your photoshoot ideas and tell him what your accomplishment is so we can think with you. Via this way we will capture the best picture for you and you can make your followers happy again!

madrid photographer


Tip Number 5:

Bring something that represents you.

Small exercise now while you are reading this blog… If you had to pick 3 objects to represent who you are as a person. What would they be? Bring them to your professional photoshoot and let’s get creative and let’s show the real you! After the photoshoot when you received your pictures, post them and also describe to your followers the reason and why you choose those items.




Tip Number 6:

Make yourself Comfortable

What is your comfort zone? What is your favorite area where you are truly yourself? Can be in your favorite restaurant or maybe in a specific area in your house! Did you ever made a picture over there? Discuss and show the photographer your comfiest area. Most important is, don’t change to much from this area but let it be as it is and how you like it. The more it feels like home the more you will be comfortable for the pictures. Our Professional personal photographer will capture the best moments for you!

Photographer Singapore Photoshoot


Tip Number 7:

Time for a new angle!

Properly your instagram has already a lot of beautiful pictures. But did you ever notice that properly most of the pictures are always in the same angle? When the photographer makes pictures he/she will make pictures from different and more angles. This will be an eye catcher for your instagram feed as your followers are seeing something different. Are you holding up with all the photoshoot ideas? Let’s continue to tip number 8!

Photographer in San Francisco


Tip Number 8:

Add a Mirror in your photoshoot

This maybe sounds crazy.. but the effect is stunning!! It can be an entire mirror you can bring of even a small piece. When you are sitting inside or even sitting outside in a park.. Look in the mirror and our photographer will do the rest! You will be in shock with the results. Think about you put the mirror in the grass in a park and you are looking into it.. The beautiful blue sky will be in the background as a reflect of the mirror.


Tip Number 9:

Neon Lights and evening Lights

Most people are going outside during the afternoon to catch the amazing sunlight and during the golden hour (which is the time during sunset). And we agree, these are amazing times! But why not with this photoshoot ideas give a bit of a change and a switch in your instagram feed? Think about all your pictures are during day light. Have you ever tried capturing beautiful pictures during the night? Think about all the clubs/restaurants with billboards outside. Those lights will sparkle your pictures! For this session we can 100% recommend you to hire a professional photographer as we know what we do and how to play with the light. Put this tip high on your list!!



Tip Number 10:

Underwater Instagram Photoshoot

OMG!!! This one is incredibly and will guarantee you so many likes. Why..?? How many people do you know who have underwater pictures? Well you are properly thinking right now and we can tell you.. not many!! So another photoshoot idea to work on. You can do this yourself of course or do the photoshoot with a professional photographer. It is important you go to a place, think about swimming pool or the sea or a lake which has clear water. Put on your best swimming outfit or even light clothes what will make the picture as well spectacular. The funny part with underwater pictures is that everyone thinks you are closing your eyes and how do you pose.. well with our photographer who has so many experience on this field we will let you know before you take a dive in the water what to do to capture the best one!

Modeling Tips for Successful Underwater Photo Shoots


Tip Number 11:

Meditation & Yoga

Honestly.. How big is this topic now a days? There are such big communites what will give a big boost to your instagram followers and pictures. And maybe you will even starting to like it! Our photographer will help you find a nice spot to capture the perfect picture. If you are really not into this topic and you are more a fitness monster. That is perfect too! It can be any sports in fact. Put on your sports outfit and even if you are a football player, you can bring the football.

Yoga Photoshoot Bali | Suta Rahady


Tip Number 12:

Tell a story

This happens to everyone right..?? once upon a time… You were on a trip something and this happened! How cool is it you can share these moments with your friends now a days and with your family of course. Specially the stories you didn’t not inform your followers about but a story which is super spontaneous. Don’t forget that capturing photos and posting

Once upon a time, you were on a trip somewhere and something you weren’t expecting happened. Share these moments with your friends and family. Sometimes the most spontaneous and random occurrences make the best stories. Isn’t it fun to capture professional pictures and to have so many photoshoot ideas for your instagram? With all these creative ideas it will help spark inspiration by reminding you of daily moments. Besides having all the pictures on your social media. With a professional photographer the pictures will be outstanding. Even so good that its worth printing them out and creating a wall decor for your home.. And now… Yes you have a new picture ready for your instagram feed.. Your wall decor !

Photographer in Orlando Photoshoot


Tip Number 13:

Hanging out vibes

Via instagram you see all of your followers activities. Make sure for this photoshoot idea to bring your friends, organize a nice picnic and share the summer with your followers on your instagram feed. We will capture solo, group and hanging out pictures on your favorite places.

Photographer Corfu Photoshoot corfu


Tip Number 14:

Organize a PicNic

We already gave you a sneaky inside information tip about the picnic in tip number 13 but YES!!!! We Love these pictures! Everyone want’s to be with you at the moment you are opening some bubbles on a nice blanket in the sun somewhere in a park. As well for the picture it looks amazing. The professional photographer can really do his work by creating different angles. As well there are so many stuff you bring with a picnic that even without the people on the pictures, they will be amazing with all the food from your favorite lunch.

Photoshoot Ibiza


Tip Number 15:

Play with your hair!

Yes.. you are reading this correctly.. play with your hair!! It maybe feels unnatural but in fact did you ever noticed how many times you touch your hair? This is what we call in the photography world playing with your hair. And if you don’t want to touch your hair let’s go to a windy place so our professional photographer can capture you hair flying away in the wind. For instagram photoshoot ideas this is a picture what gives a different perspective on your feed as normally every one his/her pictures are standing without moving the hair.

photographer oslo


Tip Number 16:

Laying down pictures

Another important one for your instagram feed! And we LOVE this one too. With this picture you can play with the hair and with the perfect angle. Don’t be afraid of the professional photographer as he will stand above you to capture the best picture. We always recommend this picture in a nice park with beautiful flowers where you will lay in or on a very colorful background. Both photoshoot ideas are perfect for this angle. What is also a nice idea is the moment you are laying and you hair will be everywhere to add some flowers in your hair. You can ask the photographer to add them.

Formentera Photoshoot


Tip Number 17:

Something you are working on

Everyone will see your beautiful pictures but what exactly is taking up your time lately? Is it a new career, is it a new holiday you are planning? Or maybe its a new project or a new skill? Whatever it is, it is a part of your life and your followers are interested in this part! You will see that they encourage your progress. So Tell your followers and bring this to your professional photographer so he can capture it for you.


Tip Number 18:

Bring your pet!

OMG!! This one is a really really good one to upgrade your instagram feed. And our photographers they LOVE pets, so we can say perfect combination. People(most people) are attached to animals and they love it to see a bond between a person and an animal. Bring your fluffy pet to the professional photographer and lets capture the love between the both of you. 100% guarantee that your followers will get crazy to see you with your fluffy pet and properly they will ask for more pictures with him/her.


Tip Number 19:

Couple photo

Are you at the moment in a relation? Well helloooo!!!! Welcome to 2021. EVERYONE loves to see happy couples and people who are in love. If you feed is more about you and what you achieve in live, make an exception and your likes will properly go crazy even you don’t think so. Ofcourse most followers are there because of you but still they also like to see you happy!! And love is the best word for being happy. With this photoshoot idea you will rock your feed. Bring your partner and let’s show the love! Our photographers know all the best poses and candid poses for couples so it will be a picture perfect. Wouldn’t you also like it to have a beautiful picture with your partner?

Photographer in Charleston


Tip Number 20:

Recommend where you go or what you like

Your followers they follow you for a reason. They like you, they believe in you and they follow you. Perhaps you have been to a new restaurant in town and you absolutely LOVED it! Well meet up with your professional photographer in this spot. We will capture the best picture and you can post it while adding a text to recommend this to all of them. And how cool is that? Besides that you are helping your followers you will also help the local business in your own city!

photoshoot ideas instagram

Photographer in Boston photoshoot


Tip Number 21:

Pose with stairs

Instagram photoshoot ideas… yes you read it good! Pose with stairs. we know this sounds weird but the effect of stairs is amazing in a picture. Stairs don’t only give a great effect they are a great way to incorporate symmetrical lines to your photoshoot. Allow your private photographer to click photos which will give you the best results you are hoping for!

Heraklion Photoshoot


Tip Number 22:

Urban Street style

How do you normally travel? Or what is your favorite vehicle? Think about a bike or maybe a vintage car? Let’s meet with your private photographer in the city centre and lets capture an amazing outcome with the vehicle. Its a complete different picture you properly have in your feed but something changes is nice for your followers. As well think about it.. now they know again a little bit more about you! And that is where it’s all about.

Photographer in Athens


Tip Number 23:

Summer love!

We talked above about the spring season which is amazing for the flowers but now we are going further.. YES summer is coming! It’s time to put on your favorite dress and to capture some summer pictures with your private photographer. Besides that he/she takes the pictures, don’t forget he/she will also come up with the best photoshoot ideas to upgrade your feed. Let everyone embrace the colors and beauty of this season by posting your photos hiking down a grassy hill.

Photoshoot Crete


Tip Number 24:

The Dress Flick

Another amazing photoshoot idea which is super easy and super girly!! All you need to bring to your professional photoshoot is a flow skirt or a dress. The professional photographer will simply create a perfect picture while you create movement in your dress by flicking it away from your body.

You can also walk forward and pull your skirt away from your body and then lift your hand up above it.

rhodes photographer couple photo shoot


Tip Number 25:

The Sun Block

We love to create professional pictures with sunglasses but hey! Don’t forget its also a hype now to be your own sun block in pictures! The Professional photographer will help you to put your hand exactly on the correct spot but it will create a really cool shadow effect in the pictures.

Photographer in las vegas Couple photoshoot

We hope you have some good insights and photoshoot ideas now to upgrade your instagram feed. Make sure you hire your private photographer who will help you to give you an outstanding social media platform.