YES!!!! Its probably your birthday soon, or its maybe the birthday of a person you really care about! For many people their birthday is a very special day within the year and of course it’s a day you only celebrate once a year. We gathered a lot of cool birthday photoshoot ideas to make your birthday outstanding. Besides all the many ideas we also give you this to give you the time of your life during your birthday photoshoot.

Within our recommendation we give you 15 ideas what you can bring during your birthday photo shoot and 15 amazing location, perfect places and tips for the best picture! With these 30 ideas we are sure your birthday photoshoot will be one big success!

1. Balloons

Come one!! You can’t celebrate your birthday without balloons right? Bringing balloons will be the number 1 traditions during a birthday photoshoot. The best part of balloons is that you have them in each and every color. So prepare your outfit and you can find the perfect matching balloons.

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2. Firework stars

Little firework stars will give an AMAZING effect to all of your birthday photoshoot pictures! You can buy them at many little shops and sometimes even in the supermarkets! Besides that it will give a great effect to the pictures it’s an awesome tool to play with and have fun. The pictures will be even more candid in stead of posed as you will be focussed with the stars.

sassafrasbg new years eve photoshoot sparkler/ firework photoshoot top &denim outfit over the kn… | Sparkler photography, Fireworks photography,Sparkler pictures

3. Matching outfits

Are you ready to have the birthday photoshoot with your best friends? Why not putting on matching outfits so the picture will sparkle more. With the matching outfits try to look for 1 color background so the picture will speak more!

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4. Cake with candles

Another super basic tool but SO necessary for your birthday photoshoot! Besides playing with the cake for the picture we can make an amazing effect with blowing out the candles! Be yourself and the picture will be unique!

Cake Smash & Confetti — The Piedpiperess

5. Bubbles

Your personal photographer can help you blow the bubbles at the spot you are standing. There is nothing better and no filter needed for a professional picture with bubbles! Be the kid again and enjoy the fun of bubbles! For this picture posing is not necessary as the bubbles will do the work!
Confetti - Bubbles - Bubble Photoshoot - Flower crowns - DIY - Houston -Photography - Spring - RiceVillage - … | Flowers, Flower girl dresses, Birthdayphotoshoot

7. Birthday photoshoot Age Sign 

It’s time for others to discover how old you are turning!! Is it 20, 35, or 50?? Now a days for every age there are special Age Sign Balloons and they are AMAZING for the Birthday Photoshoot. You can play with them within the photoshoot but you can also hang them some where and take pictures with them in the background.

1PC 32inch Rose Gold 3 Sizes Number Balloons Figure Foil Float AirInflatable Balloon For Birthday Party Wedding Decoration|Ballons &Accessories| - AliExpress

8. Champagne

Put this one high on your list when you are organizing your perfect birthday! One of the best pictures with your private Birthday Photographer will be 100% opening the champagne! Shake it beforehand good so the real champagne shower can start during your session! This picture will be in a few seconds of fraction but absolutely one to remember!

veuve clicquot champagne balloons confetty photoshoot | Birthday photoshoot,New year photoshoot, Glam photoshoot

9. Pick 1-2 color theme

Yess!!! Time for the color theme. Lot of people are always thinking a long long time to come up with a special theme! Do whatever you like and what feels good to you! But try to buy the decorations for your birthday party in 1/2 colors. This will make sure the birthday photoshoot will turn out great!

46 globos de cumpleaños de oro rosa con cinta de oro rosa, pancarta de feliz cumpleaños de Alldo, globos de papel de aluminio personalizados, decoraciones de fiesta para mujeres, niñas, hija

10. Flower Crown

Oke oke… I hear you thinking.. Isn’t this a bit old fashion?? Yes maybe it is!! But we are specialized in photography and we know what will give the best effect for your professional pictures! Think about when you hired your birthday photographer and you can make all your friends jalousie with the amazing pictures on your social media! You can buy fake flower crowns in many shops or you can even get real flowers and make the crown yourself of course.

11. Confetti

An easy tool but such an simple and amazing idea to finalize your birthday photo shoot!! Besides an amazing picture you will have LOTS of fun during the session… however not after the birthday photoshoot with cleaning.. but Hey!! Let’s not talk about that!

Confetti | Creative photoshoot ideas, Birthday photography, Creativephotography

12. Photo booth accessories

The excitement with your friends or family or even your partner with these accessories will make you LAUGH!! As there are always different pieces in the packages the laughing part already start and the photographer can already start making amazing candid shots. While you all choose your perfect match we can start with the most crazy birthday photoshoot!

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13. A pick-nick in the park

We hope that above tips with accessories will help you a lot and that you can bring some of the decorations to the birthday photo shoot! But hey!! Let’s start now with ideas WHERE we can do an amazing photoshoot and other tips for the best results! So Let’s start with a Pick-nick in the park!! How romantic is this?? Buy your favorite bottle of wine, a nice blanket, balloons and some nice food of-course! You enjoy your amazing pick-nick and the professional photographer will capture the best shots!

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14. Swimming pool

Yes you read it correctly!! (we do hope your birthday is with good weather and a lot of sun) otherwise forget about this one! But a birthday photoshoot is amazing at a swimming pool!! Think about all the varieties’ of the pictures the professional photographer can make! With the beautiful blue color of the swimming pool to crazy jumping pictures!

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15. Your favorite sport!

Are you a big football fan? Or maybe a tennis or a baseball fan?? Be crazy and put your outfit on and let’s make some great pictures in your favorite sports outfit! Also always a nice gift to give to someone birthday; a match to his/her favorite sports game!

16. In the Nature

We LOVE having photoshoots in the nature! With the beautiful green background and the beautiful flowers your photoshoot will defenitly be a success! Put on your favorite outfit or bring even more outfits and let’s rock and roll this Birthday photoshoot!

Kids photography, birthday pictures, nature, 4th birthday, birthday girl,foil balloons | 4th birthday pictures, Birthday photography, Birthday girlpictures

17. Jump in the air

Honestly, when you see jump in the air pictures they are ALWAYS happy right?? We have never seen an angry jump in the air picture! So if you make the pictures yourself or if you hire a professional birthday photographer. Please make sure you add the jumping pictures within the photo session!

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18. Sibling picture

Having your sibling on your birthday is the biggest give you can have and why not making amazing shots while you are together. Hug your sibling more then ever and we will capture the best memorable pictures.

19. Your favorite location

Do you have a favorite location? Or does the person you organize the birthday for a favorite location? Can be a restaurant, a park, a beach or even a small terrace. Make sure you meet there with your birthday photographer there and inform him/her beforehand so he can improvise how the photoshoot will be!

20. Dancing

Yes you read it correctly!! It’s time for your favorite song and to put on your dance shoes! Be yourself, be crazy and start dancing while we will capture your amazing dance moves for the best birthday photoshoot pictures!

21. Beach photoshoot

oeeeee, sun & sea.. that is the best combination for a picture! WE LOVE the beach! You don’t need many accessories for this photo-session but just you and yourself and the ocean and the sand. The rest will be up to the photographer! Photoshoots on the beach are very natural and the nature will do its work for you!

22. Vintage car

Are you a car lover? Think about the old vintage cars! If you wan’t to have the best shots for your social media then find or hire now your favorite vintage car to have the best shots!

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23. Campfire

We are getting more and more romantic!! Invite all the people you love the most and start making a campfire! Get your marsh-mellows and a nice bottle with bubbles and you are ready for the birthday photoshoot. The fire in the middle will give a great aspect to the pictures. Posing within this spot is not necessary as the birthday photographer can go from many and different angles to make the perfect picture.

24. Mountains

You are properly think mountains.. why mountains? OMG Mountains are the best!! Think about a beautiful hike up in to the mountains and the view you will have after the hike! Our photographers even love to hike so he/she will join you to the top of the mountain to create the best birthday photoshoot with spectacular views!

25. Urban street style

We can help you finding the best urban backgrounds but if you already have 1 in mind. Let’s go for that one! The urban vibe makes the pictures stunning! Wear your sneakers or exactly the opposite and wear high heels cause within this birthday photoshoot we can do both ways and both will be incredible. For the Urban street style photoshoot we really recommend to bring balloons to the photo session.

26. Black and White pictures

Within the Birthday photoshoot you will receive a minimum of 55+ professional edited pictures including black and white pictures too. If you are making the pictures yourself make sure you edit a few pictures in Black and White cause it will give you a whole different picture with a magnificent touch!

Chantal's 30th Birthday Cake Bash Photoshoot - Donte Tidwell | Donte Tidwell

27. Birthday photo shoot In the city Centre!

What is your favorite city?? How cool is it to have your best pictures taken in your favorite city ?? Besides, if it is your favorite city you properly know all the secret and hidden spots to make the birthday photoshoot even more outstanding! If you would like to hire a birthday photographer, we always work with locals who knows the city better then anyone so we can always help you finding the best spots!

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28. Flower fields

Besides this is an amazing spot for your birthday photoshoot this is also a super romantic spot for pictures! From standing in front of the flowers, with putting flowers in front of your face and playing with the flowers. The outcome of this photoshoot will blow you away! If you don’t have flower fields close to you there is also always the option to buy your favorite flowers.

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29. Rooftop terrace

It’s time for some elegant birthday photoshoot pictures! Put on your nice dress and some high heels and let’s make beautiful pictures. While being on the terrace we can order your favorite drinks while you are having your best birthday party with your friends. | Rooftop photoshoot, Balloons photography, Birthday photoshoot


We hope after 29 ideas for birthday decoration and for the best locations you are now ready for your photo session! the MOST important is that YOU enjoy your big day and don’t be to nervous about it. This day is about you and try to ENJOY the most out of it!


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