Travel and abroad brings together the best of a tour and a photoshoot so you can take back the best memories of Madrid, check out some of our favorite Tour Madrid best instagram spotspots.

12 Best Instagram Spots in to Tour Madrid

Spain’s capital, Madrid, offers great tours and photoshoots all year round. Travel and abroad takes you to the best photoshoot sessions around the capital while showing the best Madrid tour.

To experience a true vibe of Madrid, one must experience the old town and its tapas, food and wine. As well as the Madrid of the Austrias. To share the best memories at Travel and Abroad we always say forget your smartphone and enjoy, because there are hundreds of inspirational Instagram spots in Madrid and will get you the best pictures!

If you want to find these marvelous places in advance, don’t worry, we got you covered with these awesome 12 Instagrammable spots in Madrid.

1. Palacio de Cristal

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid
Image by The Spanish Traveller (CC BY 2.0 – cropped, added preset)

We start our Madrid Tour in Palacio de Cristal, it was a greenhouse conservatory made in 1887. It was meant to be just, but is not only still standing today, but is one of Madrid’s most iconic places in Retiro Park.

Today, it is mostly used for art exhibitions, and also it is open to public. During our Madrid phototour we use it a set 😀

2. Caixa Forum

Caixa Forum in Madrid
Image by Paul Thompson (CC BY 2.0 – cropped, added preset)

CaixaForum in Madrid
Image by Carlos Zamarriego (CC BY 2.0 – cropped)

Our next stop at on our Madrid tour is: Caixa Forum is a fantastic museum, where you can see a top of the league contemporary architecture. These architectural details provide great scenery for that perfect urban Instagram photo. Whether you choose enormous vertical gardens outside, stairs and interior inside, your followers won’t be disappointed. Check working hours here.

3. Museo Cerralbo

Museum Cerralbo in Madrid
Image by Emilio (CC BY 2.0 – cropped )

In Museum Cerralbo, you can catch aristocratic vibes from 19th-century Spain, so our Madrid tour couldn´t miss it! Baroque interior architecture, furniture, paintings, and many more details will certainly provide a lot of inspiration. Check working hours here.

4. Royal Palace of Madrid

Royal Palace of Madrid
Image by Suvodeb Banerjee (CC BY 2.0 – cropped, added preset)

Our favorite stop on our Madrid tour is the Royal Palace of Madrid is the largest functioning palace in Europe and it is an official residence of royal family. Outside, you can catch a magnificent, royal photo, and inside, you can see a glimpse of a royal life from one of the biggest naval empires in history.

5. Temple of Debod

Temple of Debod - Madrid
Temple of Debod – Image by Nik Younie

Temple of Debod is a real, authentic Egyptian temple, brought in Madrid all the way from Egypt! Stone by stone. It is 2200 years old and it is a must-see in Madrid.

6. Reina Sofía National Art Museum

Reina Sofía National Art Museum - Museums in Madrid
Image by Eric Titcombe (CC BY 2.0 – cropped, color enhanced)

Reina Sofía National Art Museum is one of the greatest museums in the world we think every Madrid tour should include. Home to a lot of world-famous paintings from Picasso, Dali, Miró, etc. It also provides breathtaking art which can be shared with your Instagram friends, and who knows, you might light up their curiosity for museums. 

7. Retiro Park

Retiro Park in Madrid
Image by Przemek P (CC BY 2.0 – cropped, added preset)

Retiro Park used to belong to Spanish monarchy and today it is opened to the public. It is a marvelous work of landscape architecture, filled with gardens, flowers, sculptures, galleries, events, etc. It is also where you can find Palacio de Cristal and Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid, which were already mentioned.

8. Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor in Madrid
Image by Jim Anzalone (CC BY 2.0 – cropped, added preset)

The historic public square in heart of Madrid’s old city. Plaza Mayor is a great place to click a few photos for your travel journal a must in our Madrid tour.

9. Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid
Image by Davide Oricchio (CC BY 2.0 – cropped, added preset)

If you want a good Madrid tour, you can´t miss Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is one of the biggest stadiums in the world. Home to Real Madrid Football Club, this humongous building can seat more than 80 thousand people at once.

10. Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid

Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid Fascinating botanical garden on our Madrid tour, is a place where you can see some of the most beautiful pieces of nature. Divided into several sections, including 3 greenhouses, it will surely be a great spot for an exquisite photo.

11. Azotea del Círculoc

Madrid rooftops from Azotea del Círculoc
Image by Florian Wehde (CC BY 2.0 – cropped, added preset)

Azotea del Círculoc is a restaurant with a great bar that probably has one of the best views of Madrid.

12. Calle Preciados

Calle Preciados is a busy pedestrian street with a lot of renowned brands and fashion stores. During summer it has colorful sheets that protect pedestrians from the sun, and during winter it has Christmas lights above it, which can also serve as a cool background for a photo or two.

Calle Preciados in Madrid
Calle Preciados © M.Peinado (CC BY 2.0 – cropped, added filter)

13. ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration

ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration is a modern, dynamic cultural institution, filled with a wide range of art treasures. Both its interior, and it’s exterior, making our eyes wonder even more during our Madrid tour.

ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration in Madrid
© Joel Filipe (CC BY 2.0)

14. La Nave

La Nave, also known as former Fábrica Boetticher, is a contemporary place dedicated to innovation, new technologies and social events. our Madrid tour doesn´t stop by it, we strongly recommend the location.

La Nave in Madrid
© Medialab Prado (CC BY 2.0, cropped)

15. Madrid Río Park

Madrid Río Park is a modern, admirable park in the city center, with two amazing bridges. It also serves as a space for events, exhibitions, concerts, etc. If during your Madrid tour, you have time, we suggest you catch the metro and go take some nice pics!

Madrid Río Park in Madrid
© Luis Miguel Solano Martínez (CC BY 2.0)


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