Coming to Madrid with something in mind? Here you will find our favorite spots for your proposal in Madrid. So sit back and relax while we tour you around Madrid’s most romantic spots for your proposal in Madrid.

With this list we will tour madrid ‘s best spots for your proposal in Madrid. There are around 45 neighbourhoods in Madrid and we have selected the best spots for you. By the end you will want to propose in all of them.


From all the spots for your prosal in Madrid, this is our favorite one. Next to the Royal Palace of Madrid, this gardens situated on the backside of the Palace are just amazing!

couple photoshoot Madrid
Couple photoshoot in Madrid


Secondly and just right on the back the Royal Palce, inspiring and romantic spot in the city of Madrid. Historic spot with amazing gardens and square inspired by royal tastes. In conclusion, a magestic spot for your proposal in Madrid.


Opened to the people by the royal family, where prince and princesses confirmed their love. Indeed one of the most romantic spots for your proposal in Madrid. The park is full with green areas and great renacentist statues that inspire romanticism.

In the same park there is even a peakcock area that fills the light with bright wainbow reflections from their tail. This unique creatures provide an extremly relaxed vibe and romantic atmosphere.


tour madrid with photographer
Couple photoshoot in Madrid

But wait! At Travel and Abroad we have the best kept for the last. We made our own proposal product in the most breathtaking spot in the entire region of Madrid! The mountains of the Atazar Lake will leave your partner with no breathe, making it the best moment for your question.

engagement photoshoot



Above all, this moment wont be the same always in your memories. To have a complete proposal in Madrid experience you can’t forget about the picture, a picture to save the brave and decisive moment in your life.Not only to remember the place, the words or the feelings this day deserves to have a self memory that you can share with those you love. And in that we are experts 😉

tour madrid
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Couple photoshoots in Madrid


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