Madrid has become a popular city for traveling and besides that, it became a very popular city for proposals and engagement photohoots! And no wonder!! Madrid, and Spain in general both have so much to offer. Specially for getting the perfect and beautiful picture! You will find beautiful streets, monuments, plaza’s on almost every corner of the street. In this blog we will share the best spots for engagement photoshoot Madrid.

Sabatini Gardens

There are truly so many beautiful spots for engagement photoshoot in Madrid. But to be honest, The sabatini gardens is one of our favorites. The Sabatini Gardens is a part of the Royal Palace which makes it even a royal photoshoot! Within the Sabatini Gardens you can find a small beautiful pond with monuments of all old kings and queens of Spain. The Sabatini Gardens were opened by King Juan arlos in 1978. So are you visiting soon and you would love to have a royal engagement photoshoot in Madrid? We would love to capture beautiful moments during your trip to Madrid as a real royal couple.

couple photoshoot Madrid

Plaza de Oriente & The Royal Palace

Another beautiful spot for an engagement photoshoot in Madrid will be in front of the Royal Palace and the Plaze de Oriente which is located next to the Palace. From here you will have an spectacular view of the entire side of the Palace & the mountains. The plaza is famous for there numerous gardens and an excellent sculpture display. The area is so big over here that there all diferent spots already to make a beautiful photoshoot in Madrid. I am all the time talking about a engagement photoshoot in Madrid but what if you are reading this and you are thinking.. I hope to be engaged during my trip here! What I also do are proposals photoshoots in Madrid! So no worry!! Travel & Abroad would love to capture your engagement photoshoot or proposal photoshoot in Madrid!

Cecilio Rodríguez in the Retiro Park, Madrid

Another favourite spot! the Peacock park!! Proberly you will think this is a joke, but no ! Not al all! Within the Retiro Park there is a hidden Peacock park located! This is a small private & secured area within the park which is open between 10:00 and 18:00. Many peacocks are walking free here and laying in the sun. The gardens are already a pictureframe! Its build within a French style and offers a stunning setting! Because this park is located on opposite of park where you can find the main entrance, this area is normaly always silence.

Not many people will walk here and the people you will find in this spot are normally the locals. This means.. a beautiful park.. not many people.. the PERFECT spot to make a beautiful engagement photoshoot! We will walk through this side, we will dance here and have fun to capture the best moments!

Christal Palace in the Retiro Park, Madrid

Above here, I was talking about the side of the park where you can find Peacocks. Well, the Retiro Park is extremly big and has so many beautiful sides to offer! You need to walk quit a bit to see the entire park as its almost 4 km big. To continue your engagement photoshoot in Madrid we will walk to the Christal Palace which is a must see of the city but also defenitly a must Madrid photoshoot spot!

The Christal palace was originally planned as a massive greenhouse to contain tropical plants. The structure, the architecture is so beautiful for the picture and we can make the engagement photoshoot in front, on the sided and in the christal palace itself.

Beautiful and colorful streets in La Latina

We at Travel and abroad are also really into the history and facts about Madrid besided the photoshoots! So to start telling where in La Latina is the best place to make beautiful pictures..! Did you know that the famous street Cava Baja is built on a medieval islamic fort?! How cool is that?! It is also the oldest and liveliest neighborhoods of Madrid.

You will find here the narrow streets, the colorful buildings and there are so many things to do here! But why is this in my list for engagement photoshoot madrid? You are proberly on your holiday in Spain and this area is so pure Spanish! We can’t miss this in the engagement photoshoot! The colors on the background will finish the photography!

engagement photoshoot madrid

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