Mountain Madrid photoshoot
Mountain Madrid photoshoot

Where can I start? I LOVE Madrid!! Madrid has so much to offer!! The city of Madrid, is in 1 word: MAGICAL! But besides the City Centre, Madrid has way more to offer! Not many people know, but Madrid mountains are one of the most spectucular mountains I have seen + the views you will get and see here are phenomenal. This is exactly why the mountains Madrid is one of my favourite locations to do engagement photoshoots in Madrid. You won’t find people here, we know the best spots and locations in the mountains to capture the best photoshoot for you while you are traveling to Madrid! Below you wil find more information about the Madrid mountain photoshoot. Where is it exactly & how do you get there and many more tips!

Mountain Madrid, how do you get there?

WE will take you there! It is impossible to get here by public transportation. It is defenitly possible to get here if you rent a car but then still you need to know the local spots & believe me, you can not even find that with google maps! This is exactly the reason we created this experience! I do several photoshoots in Madrid which I LOVE! Don’t get me wrong! But because the Madrid Mountain photoshoot is just a next level with backgrounds. We will start this experience by picking you up from your accommodation. Furthermore we will drive together to Madrid mountains. Our small and cool Minicooper is waiting for you to hup in and go on a exploration day including a mountain photoshoot session!

Where are the secret mountains of Madrid?

There are several mountains in Madrid. My favourite mountain Madrid is in El Berrueco. El Berrureco is located on the shores of El Atazar reservoi in a natural environment. When I go here with guests to show them the beautiful mountains and to do the photoshoot in El Berrueco they always tell me it looks so much like Canada. And for that reason, believe me! I do not disagree! Above all, It is truly spectecular. Now you know where the mountains are located..! We will drive to 5 different spots for this mountains madrid photoshoot. Therefor we have more different beautiful backgrounds. We will drive to the top of the mountains and slowly our way down so you also have different hights in the pictures.

Mountain Madrid experience, how long will it take ?

Due to get the best light for the pictures we always prefer to do the mountain Madrid photoshoot in the afternoon. The entire duration of the experience will be aprox 4 hours. We pick you up from the Hotel and drive to El Berrueco what will take us 1 hour. To do the photoshoot in 5 different spots in the mountains Madrid will take us 2 hours. (if we need more time, we are flexible! For us it is the most important to capture the best moment of you life) After the photoshoot we will drive back to Madrid and bring you back safe to your accommodation.

Mountain Madrid Photoshoot. When will I receive the pictures?

Besides that I am a professional photographer, I am also a people person and a human! If I was going to do a mountain Madrid photoshoot myself, I would love to have the pictures as soon as possible ! Therefor, is exactly the reason I will always already work on the pictures the same evening and the next day. As a result you will receive all pictures of the mountain Madrid photoshoot within 72 hours.

Mountain madrid photoshoot
Mountain madrid photoshoot

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