One of the reasons I moved to Spain is because it is really one of the most beautiful countries in the world in my opinion! Besides the amazing tapas & wine.. you will find here culture and so much history. Old, colorfull and beautiful cities & villages. Every part of Spain is also different. Did you know you could surf in Spain? But also snowboard in certain regions?? This country has really everything to offer! But today it’s time to tell you something about one of my favourite cities in Spain, called Segovia and about the photoshoot Segovia we offer!

Why Segovia?

Segovia is famous for it’s historic buildings and no wonder! My god!! If you walk here, it really feels like you are in a medievel movie! There are 3 historical monuments you truly can’t miss! I go here every week for phototours and photoshoots and believe me, still on the day of today I walk there with my mouth open from beautiness. First the Aquaduct of Segovia.. O MY GOD, this really is one of the most impressive history monuments I have ever seen (and I have travelled a lot). Then you will find here the beautiful Cathedral where there is a ton of history about Spain.

Furthermore you will find in Segovia the Defence Palaca Alkazar. (and already one reason you have to go there = This castle was served as the template for the Walt Disney Cinderella Castle! How cool??? When you walk up without knowing this information you will look to it with the thought.. I know this castle! I have seen it before! Well here you are! This is why!


Photoshoot Segovia with Travel and Abroad

As a professional photographer, Segovia is a dream for me to do photoshoots in! I can be so creative with the beautiful buildings within the picture and the romantic small streets! Did you book your photoshoot Segovia with us? Well then get ready!! You dont need to worry about a train ticket or how to get there because we will pick you up by car from you accommodation and we will go together! If you are in a bigger group, we always hire a bigger car so no worries! The drive will be 1.5 hour untill we arrive in this fairytale city!

We do all the phototours with a team of 2. Kirsten, The photographer & Gonzalo the tourguide. Together we form a team to give you a full experience in 1 day. When we parked the car in Segovia we together will walk to the main Plaza of the city where Gonzalo will start his tour. I will be arround to make candid pictures of you and to stop in different spots to do a photoshoot.


Where will we go during the Photoshoot Segovia?

We made our route in this beautiful city so we don’t skip anything! We will walk in Segovia to the following spots while Gonzalo will explain you the history of the city and where I will do my job as a professional photographer.

Places we will visit in Segovia:
*The world famous Aquaduct
*Medievel wall
*Royal Street
*Main Square
*Knight Neigborhood
*Alcazar de Segovia (tickets are included in the package)


How long is the Photoshoot Segovia?

From the moment we pick you up till the moment we will bring you safe home again will be a duration of aprox 6 hours. This is when you choose the full day experience Photoshoot Toledo. We do have more photoshoots and phototours within Madrid and surroundings. The one I really like is the full day package Toledo & Segovia phototour. This a full day but we will take you to both cities. But its all what you prefer! For now I do the tours including photoshoots in Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial & Avila. Would you like to see more cities? Please contact us because I am sure we can offer you a great complete package!


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