Foto LinkedIn.. I always thought who cares about that? But after research and after receiving so many requests about professional headshots in a studio. I found out.. It truly is important! Honestly, I always liked outside photography way more. But the focus on a headshot in a studio for a curriculum is different and it really started to interest me. I mean, I love to meet new people & I really take the time for everyone so It feels like you are not doing a photoshoot. But it more feels like a friend is taking a picture! After thinking a lot we are super happy to announce the following. We are opening our little studio specialized and focused on headshots! So perfect for your curriculum or LinkedIn.

Why is a foto LinkedIn Important?

LinkedIn is a website where people spend lots of time on to present their best CV to look for jobs. Honestly, I always thought that putting your CV together what you did makes you proud because that is YOU and that is where people should look to. Once, I read something which I completely agree with: We all know you can’t judge a book by its cover. But the fact is that if a cover isn’t inviting, people aren’t going to open that book up to read what’s inside.

In the world we are living in now is ruled by digital content and interactions. It is proven that LinkedIn members with a professional foto LinkedIn will receive more engagement. Almost 21 more profile views then without a professional picture.


When is the best time to make a LinkedIn foto?

Please dont listen to people when they say it’s

 better to make a picture in the morning or late afternoon. This is up to you!!Lot of people are interested in making the LinkedIn foto the moment they are looking for a job. But why? Why not already? You never know if you need a professional picture within the coming months/years. Dont only think that you can use the picture only for your LinkedIn. Perhaps you are thinking about starting a website? Pictures will be treasure you will keep forever.

Studio with Travel and Abroad

We are so happy to announce we have our own small studio now!! It is pure focussed on headshots / CV LinkedIn shots. Everyone is different and everyone works different. When you enter our studio we will first have a drink together so I can get to know you a little bit. This is for me very important as I make the best pictures the moment we are getting a connection. And please dont worry, we are very easy going people and real people persons! The studio is located in Madrid.

The LinkedIn foto session with Travel and Abroad will take 30 mins. Within this time we also have a drink and we will capture the headshots for your CV. We will do different poses so you have more options to choose your favourite picture for your website. You will receive 20 headshots professional edited by Travel and Abroad.

More pictures on our instagram!

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