The time is here, your trip is getting closer and closer and your group travel to madrid is near. Are you travelling with your family, group of friends or colleagues to Madrid? Discover Travel and Abroads group offer in Madrid, Toledo and Segovia.

When to start planning your group travel madrid

It is never to early to book! Remember that the sooner you book the bigger your budget value, in other words, its cheaper! Moreover flights, hotels experiences and more will always have better prices when you book in advance your group trip to Madrid. Certainly you should get in touch with your hosts to know all the details asap, if for example you decide to book one of our photo shoots or photo tour in Madrid and you have any itinerary preferences. Please let us know!

What is Travel and AbroadΒ΄s offer to group travel in Madrid?

Firstly let you know that for us, the most important parts of the trip are of course visiting the main landmarks and getting an incredible memory of your trip, in the most iconic place. Logical right? So sit tight cause this is our offer for you group travel in Madrid.

Photoshoots and Photo tours in Madrid: We have created three different packages for our offer in Madrid. So what will we do? We will start our Photo tour/shoot in Madrid City meeting at the Temple of Debod or Retiro Park, and continue our way through the city to the most iconic and secret landmarks. I will show you the ins and outs of Madrid and as well as the places to be in this city.
During the tour I will make beautiful professional pictures on different places in Madrid.

We will visit the following landmarks, you may choose among the different areas in town or do both.

Photo tour to Segovia and Toledo:

Likewise, In this Photo Tour and Segovia Toledo with transfer, we will pick you up from your accommodation by our car/van, depends on how many join, We will the then head to Segovia and Later to Toledo where our guide, will tell us the history of both of this two magical cities. So sit back and relax while we take care of your Photo Tour Segovia and Toledo with Transfer

Medieval City of Segovia.

  • What we will see:
  • -The world famous acquaduct from Segovia
  • -Medieval wall
  • -Royal Street
  • -Main Square (Theater, Cathedral and Municipality)
  • -Knights Neighbourhood
  • -Alcazar de Segovia (Castle including access to the Palace)

After Segovia we will jump in the transport and head straight to Toledo!

The city of the THREE cultures: Toledo

  • Zocodover Square
  • Muslim neighbourhood
  • Basilica del Cristo de la Luz
  • Old Inquisition Jail
  • Cathedral
  • Christian neighbourhood
  • Bishops Palace
  • Jweshish neighbourhood

In Toledo we will also walk around while Gonzalo will explain you the history and show you the most historic places to see in both cities. Kirsten will join the trip to capture both cities with beautiful pictures to complete your trip.

Both locations can be visited individually, you can check our individual products or contact us directly.

Finally all our transfer options are managed locally, we move by car, van or bus, depending on the group size.

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