tour Madrid Segovia
tour Madrid Segovia

Did you started preparing your tour Madrid Segovia trip already? Then stop! Because you don’t need to do more research! We offer tours and photoshoots in Madrid city + all cities surrounding Madrid. Furthermore we are locals who are in love and extremly proud of where we are and where we live. Would LOVE to show you the cities and to capture each beautiful moment of your trip as we are professional photographers.

Tour Madrid

First of all, Madrid has so much to offer! If you are planning your trip here, first of all please stay between 3-5 days in this city. People who tell you 1 day is enough is really not true! Because Madrid is the biggest city of Spain and you basicly can’t see the city within 1 or 2 days. for that reason you can find everywhere in each city a tourguide or a group while they will show you the city. We are completely different. Our team are professional photographers and tourguides.

You can choose a tour of 1.5 hour of 3 hour. The most popular are the 3 hours to be honest! You will tour Madrid while one of our experienced local tour guides tells you the ins and outs, past and present of the most iconic landmarks. Furthermore the photographers will make pictures at each iconic landmark and the secret spots they will show you. This means you will go home with knowledge about the city + professional pictures from your trip. With the Tour Madrid we will visit the following places:

AREA: Old Madrid
– The Egyptische Tempel
– The Sabatini Gardens
– Royal Palace
– Almudena Catedral
– Colourfull streets in la Latina
– San Miguel market
– Plaza Mayor
– San Gines
– Sol

AREA: New Madrid
– Callao
– Secret rooftop bar
– Gran Via
– Banco Espana
– Plaza Cibeles
– Retiro Park

tour Madrid Segovia

Tour Segovia

Segovia is next level! It is such a medieval city with so much history. Segovia truly looks like a fairytale. The tour Madrid Segovia is including private transportation. So don’t look for train tickets or how to get there! Because we will pick you up and bring you back safe to your appartent at the end of the day. The tour will take arround 6/7 hours in total & This is when you choose the full day experience

Places we will visit in Segovia:
*The world famous Aquaduct
*Medievel wall
*Royal Street
*Main Square
*Knight Neigborhood
*Alcazar de Segovia (tickets are included in the package)

tour Madrid Segovia

Tour Madrid Segovia

As we explained what we do for tour in each city we also offer the package in 1! The Tour Madrid Segovia it’s called. We are flexible so we offer them in 1 day or spread in 2 days. If you choose the package Tour Madrid Segovia in 1 day we will start early in the morning with the 3 hour tour in Madrid by foot. We will start the Madrid tour in the Egyptian Temple and we will finish at 11:00 at the Retiro Park where the car will wait for us to continue our trip to Segovia. We will arrive in Segvovia at 12:30 and we will start the tour Segovia over there.

If you prefer to do the Tour Madrid and Segovia in 2 days, that is no problem at all! You can choose yourself what tour you prefer to start with! So think about it?! Your private tour, including transportation, knowledge about the city + professional pictures as a souvenir? If you are interested, contact us now or book via below links!

tour Madrid Segovia
tour Madrid Segovia

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