When you go on holiday, normally everywhere in the world you can book a tour. Think about a private tour or a groups tour. But also think about photoshoots. Lot’s of people would love to have beautiful pictures from their holiday destination. Are you with your family? or perhaps you are on honeymoon? Every holiday is different for each person and this is why capturing it with nice pictures will give you a memory for life. That is why we would love to introduce you to the Madrid Phototour.

So we were just talking about different tours and photoshoots all over the world. We thought.. why not combine that? We LOVE to meet new people, we LOVE to show all the ins and outs of a city and we LOVE photography. This is why we started here in Madrid the concept of Madrid phototour. And as a result it is super popular! We are now in more cities and hopefully we grow in more and more countries all over Europe!

madrid phototour

What is the Madrid Phototour Concept with Travel and Abroad?

With Travel and Abroad Madrid Phototour we have a different concept then you will proverly imagine. First of all, we do every experience private! That means, are you alone? a couple? With friends or family? You always have the experience for yourself. We choose to do this because we are working with a camera and not everyone feels comfortable infront of a camera. Another reason why we choose to do every experience private, is that we reallly love to get to know another person. We like to build up an community and have the full attention for everyone who joins a experience with Travel and Abroad.

Think about a concept out of 3. We have the knowledge about a city, we know all the ins and outs + culture and history. We are professional photographers and we are people persons. So this means, You won’t see us as a tourguide, you will see us as a friend. You will walk and explore the city with the feeling you are with an old friend. During the Madrid phototour we will make professional pictures on each highlight + small streets and colorfull places. As a result, you will receive all pictures from your experience within 72 hours + you will have a new friend in a new City.

madrid phototour

How does the Madrid Phototour route look like?

Before the tour starts we already have contact with each other and we will send you a nice list with reccommendations about the city, where to eat tapas and where to have a nice drink. Even more reasons to start your holiday perfect! The day you have booked the tour with us we will start in front of the Temple of Debod. We will walk to all following spots and we will make pictures everywhere:

*Temple of Debod
*Sabatini Gardens
*Oriental Plaza
*Royal Palace
*Almudena Catedral
*Colorfull streets in La Latina
*San Miguel Mercado
*Plaza Mayor
*San Gines
*Gran Via
*Plaza Cibiles
*Retiro Park

Yes!! It is a long walk, 3 hours! But we really need the 3 hours to complete the Madrid Phototour. You can find lots of tours which will take 1/1.5 hour. Out of experience and believe me, Madrid is TOO big to see in 1.5 hour so you basicly can’t. And let me be honest to you, within the 3 hours Phototour we do, you also don’t see the entire city. But we do cover most places and the most important places! Above all, you will have a good knowledge about Madrid after the tour and you will go home with a beautiful memory from the pictures we captures during the Phototour.

madrid phototour

Does Travel and Abroad only have the Madrid Phototour?

noooo we don’t!! Besides the Madrid Phototour we also do the following tours:

*Madrid Phototour 3 hours & 1.5 hour
*Madrid Mountain photoshoot
*Engagement/proposal Photoshoot
*Nightlife Photoshoot

*Phototour 3 hours Toledo
*Full day phototour from Madrid to Toledo including Tranportation

*Phototour 3 hours Segovia
*Full day phototour from Madrid to Segovia including Transportation

*Phototour 3 hours & 1.5 hours

El Escorial:
*Full day phototour from Madrid to El Escorial including Transportation

*Full day phototour from Madrid to Avila including Transportation

Madrid phototour

Check out our Madrid Phototour: https://travelandabroad.com/gift-cards/

See more pictures on our instagram: https://www.instagram.com/travelandabroad/

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