YES!!! You are going on Holiday!! You booked your flights, you are looking for your accommodation and you are proberly booking your appartment via Airbnb..? Well then if you were not aware yet of Airbnb Experiences, after you have booked your appartment you will!! Travel and Abroad is also active on Airbnb experience and we receive tons of bookings there! Today we will talk a little bit more about the Airbnb experience in Madrid and how Travel and Abroad is rated on Airbnb.

airbnb experience in Madrid

What is Airbnb Experience?

Airbnb experience is a feature that offers to travelers wanting to experience a city in a new way. The site boasts over 30,000 unique experiences put on by local guides, with no Airbnb rental required.

Booking an experience is super simple. You can use the Airbnb website or mobile app to book an experience. When you open the website or app, look for the experiences section. Then, choose a specific city and dates, or browse through all experiences. You don’t have to have a home booked on Airbnb in order to book an experience and availability is set by each individual host.

Airbnb Experience with Travel and Abroad

On the Airbnb experience website we host several experiences which are also mentioned on our own website. You can find the following experiences on the airbnb page from Travel and Abroad.

Photoshoot Madrid inlcuding private tour
Instagram Photoshoot Empty Madrid
Sunset Photoshoot Private Madrid
Madrid Mountains Photoshoot
Segovia & Toledo tour including transportation from Madrid + Photography
Madrid Photoshoot with a Pro
Toledo Photoshoot with a Pro

Airbnb experience in Madrid

The experiences we offer on the Airbnb experience Madrid platforms has ofcourse to do with Photography and the Private tours we do. All the experiences you find on the website are also visiable on the Airbnb platform. The only difference is, that Airbnb takes a 20 % commission on each experience booking. So for us it is ofcourse always better to receive bookings via our own website, but we will never be negative about Airbnb. We receive lots of bookings via this platform and we are extremly happy with this!

How does Travel and Abroad rates on Airbnb experience ?

Well, we can honestly say: we can not be more happy!! As a result with more then 200 reviews we score a 4.98 out of a 5! We also received a few awards where we are super proud of ! With the experiences we host on Airbnb, we received the following awards:

  • Best Rated photo experience in MADRID
  • Top 10 worldwide for connections
  • Most unique exprience
Airbnb experience in Madrid

Check out our Phototours in Madrid:

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