YES!! if you are wondering about things to do in Madrid 2021, then we are SURE you are soon coming to our beautiful city!! So please, sit back, relax and read our new blog! Honestly, It is truly hard to start naming all the fantastic spots Madrid has to offer! Madrid is so big and the city is filled with beautiful, monuments, museums, buildings, plaza’s and so many more things! First of all of course.. besides visiting all the beautiful spots, you have to become a local first with all the Spanish tapas and wine! For now, we made a list with things to do in Madrid 2020.

1. Temple of Debod

The temple of Debod is definitely on of the things to do in Madrid 2021, definitely worth visiting is Temple of Debod. Not many people know that this beautiful Temple even exists in Madrid, but it sure does ! This temple was donated to Spain by the Egyptian state for helping save the Abu Simbel Temple.

This Temple of Debod was dismantled and transported to Spain, but it took two years to rebuild. In summer the temple is always filled with water which gives a beautiful reflexion. There is not entrance fee to go inside. Besides the beautiful and impressive temple, this is also the spot where you have the most beautiful Sunset of Madrid. So if you think about it.. It’s is a double win win to go here late afternoon!

2. Royal Palace

Well I can tell you with the things to do in Madrid 2020 this is truly a MUST. This is so worth going in and to see the palace from the in & outside. The Palace is famous for being the biggest Royal Palace in Europe. The entrance fee is 12 euro to enter the Palace. When you will enter the palace they will show you around 20 different rooms and out of experience, you will enjoy every single minute the moment you enter. You can hire a guide here inside but just for you to know, everything is written with an explanation in Spanish and English

3. Sabbatini Gardens

Officially my favorite place! And especially my favorite place as a professional photographer to make pictures. The Sabbatini Garden is the first official garden from the Royal Palace and has the views of the Palace with a small lake surrounded by old kings and queens. You can enter these gardens for free, there is no additional fee to enter. The only thing is that this Gardens has opening hours and will close at 18:00 during the day. So.. make sure you have a visit here and make sure you go in the morning or during the day!


4. Mercado de San Miguel

Well.. this will be a very easy question if you ask me. Do you like food? And do you like drinks? Then, this is the place to be!! Everyone I know, locals/tourists LOVE the Mercado de San Miguel. In this beautiful old building from the 1500 you can order your favorite drink at the bars and you can walk along with your wine to all the tapas they offer in the Mercado. 10/20 tapas? No you will find hundreds of tapas over here! The only thing I can recommend it to go or in the morning or late afternoon. This a very popular place for tourists and with lunch time you can barely walk and enjoy this spot.

5. Prado Museum

If you are a person who loves art and who is into museums, then I don’t need to explain why you have to visit this. But to everyone else: The Prado Museum is the main national art museum of the entire country Spain. It is famous for the finest art in the entire world. Considered top 3 best museums in the World. A museum with over 8200 pieces of drawings 7600 paintings, 4800 prints you can I think call it quit a big museum. What many people don’t know… So don’t tell it further! The entrance fee is FREE after 18:00 every day. So spare some money and use it for a nice bottle of wine or some tapas!

6. Plaza Mayor

One of the best things to do in Madrid 2021 is to visit Plaza Mayor. Definitely another beautiful part of Madrid what we consider in the list, best things to do in Madrid 2020. Plaza Mayor was one the center of Madrid. This Plaza was used for it’s main market in the City. This plaza survived 3 big fires and has lots and lots of history. From bullfighting in this Plaza to executing on the main Plaza in the history. A Must see plaza it is! Now it is transformed for tourists with restaurants, tapas places and souvenir shops. Order you glass of wine and have a look to the interesting architecture of this plaza.

7. Christal Palace

YES YES YES YES!!! While visiting and researching on Things to do in Madrid 2021 you MUST go here!! Things to do in Madrid 2020 ?! THIS one for sure! Always wanted to see a fairy tale palace or wanted to have the most beautiful picture in a palace? This Cristal Palace use to be the a greenhouse in history to grow plants. Now a days they use it most of the times for exhibitions. When there is no exhibition the palace is totally empty what have the most beautiful affect. You can go inside and enjoy the beauty of this Palace. There is no entrance fee and early in the morning there is no row at all.

8. Peacock park

Believe it or not, but indeed there is a Peocock park located in Madrid. It belongs to the King and it is located in the Retiro Park totally on the backende and its called: cecilia Jardines. If you are looking for a very beautiful and silence piece of art within the big city Madrid, then you just found it! The park is guarded and there are almost NO people. The only people you will find here, are locals. Retiro park is a very big park and every tourist normally goes to the middle where you have the pond and the lake. This in my opinion is way more beautiful and impressive. When you go here, bring some sandwiches because the peacocks wil eat out of your hands!

photoshoot madrid retiro
photoshoot madrid

9. El Rastro Market

If you are coming to Madrid for a few days and a Sunday is included in your trip. Then hereby I can suggest you to add this one to your to do list in Madrid. El Rastro is one of the most famous street markets in Europe and also considered the biggest market in Europe. From a rockband to second hands goods, to foodstands and live music, this market has it all! This 400 year old market is only open on Sunday until 15:00 PM.

10. Almudena Catedral

When thinking about Things to do in Madrid 2021 you can´t avoid the palace or its cathedral. Right next to the Royal Palace, you basically can’t miss it as its next to each other. You will walk here and stand here with your mouth open to already look the beauty of the outside of the church. When Madrid became the Capital and not Toledo anymore they decided to build a new church, and you guess it already, The Almudena Catedral. The site on which Almudena Cathedral now stands was originally occupied by Madrid’s first mosque, then by a church dedicated to one of Madrid’s patron saints, Santa María de la Almudena. 

What else?

There are so many more things to see in madrid 2020. But this was our first blog about it ! This week we will upload another blog with another 10 things to see in Madrid 2020.

With Travel and Abroad we will bring you to each and every highlight of Madrid and we will make professional pictures at each spot. You can always bring more clothes during the tours so you have more different outfits and styles. We do the phototours private so it is a real YOU time!

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