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Well I think it’s the best to start with: CONGRATUALATIONS with your wedding!! After your beautiful day, wearing the perfect outfit and celebrate it with your loved ones.. It’s now almost time for your Honeymoon! And as a result you choose Madrid as your destenation! So Honeymoon Madrid it is!

Honeymoon Madrid with Travel and Abroad

With travel and Abroad we just LOVE to meet new amazing people from all over the world. But we also LOVE to capture your love story in this beautiful city Madrid. This is why we made a full package for you during your Honeymoon Madrid.

Before you even enter the city Madrid, you already received an email in your inbox with lot’s of reccommendations for restaurants and drink in the city. This means, the moment you arrive you already can start crossing your bucket list in Madrid and start to enjoy your holiday without any doubt about what is nice to go or not.

We have several packages we offer for in and outside Madrid. If you like to do more activities, please let us know so we can combine the perfect package for you. We will talk below about the 2 most popular packages for Honeymoon Madrid we offer with Travel and Abroad.

Things to do in Madrid 2020
Things to do in Madrid 2020

1. Honeymoon Madrid tour

Defenitly number 1 popular trips with Travel and Abroad is the Honeymoon Madrid Tour. We will meet each other in front of the Temple of Debod and we will start walking from here. The tour will takes around 3 hours and we will visit EVERY highligh of Madrid + the secret streets and spots. The reason why this tour is different then any other tour is that the Tourguide is also a professional Photographer.

We have a small team due to the reason we like to have those 2 skills. A true local with all the knowledge of a city + a professional photographer. This means that to all the highlights you go you will recief knowledge about the history of this certain spot + we will make professional pictures during the entire tour. Your will receive 75+ picture, so this means we truly make a lot of pictures and on each and every spot so we capture your trip by memorable pictures.

As the team is also young, it truly doesn’t feel like you are having a tour from a regular tourguide. But it feels like you are meeting up with an old friend who is showing you the city. Community is very important to Travel and Abroad so you also have the feeling this tour is about YOU.

Besides all the spots we go, this tour is PRIVATE. This means that it is a time for you and your partner. You don’t need to wait for other people who go in front of the camera, you don’t need to wait for asking things. You are in charge and this is your experience so it’s basicly all about YOU.

During the tour Honeymoon Madrid we will visit the following places. And ofcourse as we told you before, we are very flexibel. If you prefer to see differents spots, please let us know because we don’t mind at all to change the route or schedule.

*Temple of Debod
*Sabatini Gardens
*Royal Palace & Oriental Plaza
*Almudena Catedral
*San Miguel Market
*Plaza Mayor
*Chocelateria San Gines
*Gran via & a stop in a rooftop bar
*Plaza Cibilez
*Retiro Park

honeymoon Madrid

2. Honeymoon Madrid Mountain tour

Number 2 most popular on the website is the Honeymoon Madrid Mountain tour. To be honest if you compare the popularity it’s even as people lot’s of time book both in a package deal.

This experience is raten by many guests as a very unique experience we offer. Honestly, we don’t know anyone yet who offers this. Madrid is way more then a big city! Lot of people think Madrid, big city, tapas and thats it.

But out of my own experience.. The secret beauties and the best I know from Madrid is a 40 minute drive to the Mountains. You won’t find ANY tourist here. You maybe see 1 or 2 locals but that’s about it. This experience is a whole new level and you will not find any other person.

We will start by picking you up from your accommodation by car and start our drive to the mountains. This will take us aprox 1 hour. When we arrived in the mountains, you will be flabber guested of what you are about to see. We heard comment’s like: “It looks like Canada! “& “this is the most beautiful spot I have been”.

We will go to 5 different spots within the mountains so you have different backgrounds and different levels. We will go to the best view you proberly have ever seen but we will also go to the cut and medieval villages in the mountains. This will complete your memorable trip to Madrid. & believe us.. Not many people can say that!

photoshoot mountains madrid
photoshoot mountains madrid

When will I receive the pictures?

We try to be really fast with the pictures. Specially if I imagine myself in your situation, I proberly CAN’T wait to receive them. This is why after the tour we will go home to already start working on the pictures. You will receive them within 72 hours professional edited. We also give you an unlimited acces to our website link to visit your pictures. Besided visit and download your pictures, there is also an oppertunity to order them via the website on hardcopy or puzzels or whatever you would like to do with them!

Check out our Madrid Phototour: https://travelandabroad.com/gift-cards/

See more pictures on our instagram: https://www.instagram.com/travelandabroad/

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