YES!! Is your best friend getting married and you are in charge of organising an amaing bachelorette party? Madrid is truly the city for the best Bachelorette party! You can surprise your friend here with the best parties, the best food, the best weather and the best experiences! Today we will talk about the reasons you should defenitly consider the bachelorette in Madrid as YOUR city to celebrate.

honeymoon Madrid
honeymoon Madrid

1. The best Nightlife

Spain in general is famous for there nightlife. The spaniards are defenitly no morning persons but they are all night persons! They love and they live the life! We don’t even no where to start! You will find in Madrid the most trendy and happening bars and nightclubs! From a small terrace bar to an underground big nightclub. Clubs will be open till the late hours until 06/08 in the morning!! If you can keep up with the real Madrileños, you will be home very late! (or very early.. depends how you look to the time!) On Almost each corner of a street in Madrid you will find a terrace, a bar or a big club. So make yourself ready for a good party with your Bachelorette in Madrid!

2. Super rich culture and history

Besides that you are proberly focussed on the parties you will organise, do not forget the beautiful History this city offers! As you already decided to go to Madrid and to spend the weekend here. Make sure you get to know the city! On almost each corner you will find a beautiful monument. And every where you walk there is a treasure of History noted. From the Royal Palace, to the beautiful parks, there are tons of things to do! So at least make sure after your bachelorette party Madrid, you have some knowledge off the city instead of only the bars!

Bachelorette in Madrid
Bachelorette in Madrid

3. Madrid is affordable!

Once of the most positive things about Madrid is defenitly that it is affordable! If you compare this city to other cities in Europe, it is defenitly one of the cheapest cities. So many beautiful historic monuments have free entrance! Even think about one of the most famous museums in the world: Prado! They have free entrance after 18:00! Besides free entrance, you also have tons of tapas places and the best wine in the world! In the local tapas bars, you normally pay for you drink and you get the tapas even for free! This was the way the spaniards use to work and still do! So drink your wine and enjoy the food!

4. AMAZING experiences !

What are you going to do with your bachelorette in Madrid? You already booked the tickets, but now its time for step 2! Madrid has so many cool experiences they offer via locals. Like an paella cooking class or a wine tasting evening or even going on a tapas tour! You can plan full days with being busy doing experiences + they are all very affordable again! You can check out many experiences via airbnb experiences + Tripadvisor experiences.

travel after corona virus
travel after corona virus

5. Bachelorette in Madrid with Travel and Abroad!

We would LOVE to be part of your bachelorette party in Madrid! We do every experiences in Private so it will be only for you and your friends! first of all we will show you the city best spots & secret spots you will not find on yourself! Besides that, we are professional photographers so we will capture EACH moment of the tour so you can never forget the trip you planned for you bachelorette! Within the bachelorette packages, you will receive ALL pictures professional edited within 72 hours. As well we will give you many reccommendations for the best tapas bars and where to have a nice drink! We can even join you to make pictures!

If you would be interested in the Package Travel and Abroad offers, do not hestitate to call, or message us! We would love to help you during your trip and make the best out of it! If you have special preferences, let us know so we can make it the best for you!

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