YES! You choose the correct city for your weekend with friends to Madrid! If you are staying 1 night or a week.. We will make sure you make the best out of your trip! Madrid is such a big city that it is really hard to get boren during your trip. First of all, because there is SO much to do, to see and to try! Do you already know where you are going to stay or what you are going to do? We will help you with some recommendations!

Where to stay in Madrid?

We will definitely recommend for a weekend with friends in Madrid to stay in the following areas. First area would be Malasaña. Malasaña is a super alive area with trendy bars, shops and a great nightlife. What also is a big plus of this area is that there are lots of young people here living their lives outside and enjoy the hippie vibe style. What is also nice from this area, it is in the centre of Madrid and only a 10 minutes walk to the middle of the city centre Sol. So basicaly from this area everything is on a walking distance.

Another really nice area to stay in Sol. Sol is basicaly the heart of the city centre and where it all happens. If you like to also have a big peace in the evening then I can definitely not recommend this area. But if you are coming to party, have fun and want to be everywhere nearby then go for this area. You are surrounded by tapas bars, nightclubs and the Gran Via where you will find al the big shops of the city.

Besides Malasaña & Sol, also have a look into the area called: La Latina. personally one of our favourite areas. This is very much with the locals and the color full streets of Madrid. It is on a 5 minute walking distance from the heart of the centre and you have the biggest barstreets of the city located here. In the heart of La Latina there even is a street with 52 tapas bars next to each other.. so we are sure.. You won’t get bored. In each area you will find LOTS of hotels, hotels and airbnb appartements!

Weekend with friends to Madrid
Weekend with friends to Madrid

Where are the best nightclubs in Madrid?

The spanish capital is known for the city that never slept. The big club are normally even open until 06:00-08:00 in the morning!So enough time to party I guess! A few amazing nightclubs are: First of all, Teatro Capital. You definitely can’t miss this nightclub. Famous for having 7 floors in there club! Music ranges from House to Hip-Hop, from Reggaeton to EDM and from Hits to Funky. On the 7th floor it has his own lounge atmosphere while the 2nd floor is a karaoke room where you’ll be able to show your singing skills.

Another big and famous nightclub in Madrid is called: NOX. If you are into techno music then this is the club for you! Besides the techno music here, it is one of the most luxurious club in Madrid. We can recommend to enter this club on Friday’s as this is the best day of the club.

Teatro Barceló is definitely a recommendations as well for the party animals. This club is one of the most iconic clubs of the Madrid city center. The music you will hear is between hits and dance music. As it is a very elegant club.. You have to be above 23 and dress elegant. Otherwise unfortunately they won’t let you into this club. Also this club recently had many famous people over the floor for a little dance and drink.

Weekend to Madrid with Friends
Weekend to Madrid with Friends

What to do during the day?

O MY GOD… There is SO much to do in Madrid during they day, evening, night or whenever you want. But anyway.. let’s start with what to see! From tapas bars, tasting the good wine, plaza’s and beautiful monuments.. there is truly enough to do in this city. Below you will find a list of beautiful spots you can’t miss during your Weekend with friends to Madrid.

*Retiro Park, enjoy the silence and the beautiful big monuments in this park. You can rent a little boat on the pond in the middle of the park and have a visit in the Peacock park in the Cecilia Jardin in Retiro Park.
*Museum Prado, the world famous museum located in Madrid.
*Plaza Cibeles, here you will find the old post office of Madrid and now the city hall of Madrid.
*Gran Via, beautiful and big shopping area

*Sol, famous plaza where everyone meets and where you have tons of tapas bars
*Plaza Mayor, the old and famous beautiful plaza located in the city centre
*San Gines, try some of the best churros during your trip!
*San Miguel Market, You can’t miss this one! Want to try amazing Tapas? Have a look into this market!
*La Latina, walk around in the colorfull streets with many tapasbars
*Almudena Catedral, famous and biggest catedral in Madrid next to the Royal Palace

*Palacio Real, You can’t miss this! It’s already amazing just to visit it from the outside, but if you have the chance.. take a look inside!
*Sabatini Gardens, the beautiful gardens along with the Royal palace
* Temple of Debod, Really old beautiful Egyptian temple

tour madrid
tour madrid

Weekend with friends to Madrid with Travel and Abroad

Travel and Abroad is a young team and all professional photographers and locals from the beautiful city Madrid. What we do is we will hang out with you in a super chilled way and we will show you the city and all the important and secret places of the city. Besided that we show and give you knowledge of the city. We will bring our professional camera with us to make pictures in front of evevery highlight to complete your weekend with friends to Madrid and have great memories.

If you would be interested or you have questions or we can help you with planning your trip. Don’t doubt. Just give us a call or send us a message! We would LOVE to be part of your trip and to make it the best!

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weekend with friends to madrid

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