Today it’s the famous Mothersday in the country Spain. Did you know that mothers day is different in lots of countries? In each country in the world motherday is scheduled in May but most countries celebrate it in different dates. How nice is it to celebrate honoring the mother of the family. And even better to think about the best mother’s day gift ever!

Spain is one of the first one so let’s make ourselve ready for this beautiful day that we think extra to all the beatufiul mums in the world! And ofcourse let’s give them the best Mother’s day gift! Now a days you can choose between thousends of present to give to your mother. We made a small selection of beautiful presents for your mum!

1. Beautiful Photoshoot with the entire family

With Travel and Abroad we can make this gift come true! For so many people in the world, their mother’s are theire number 1 woman in the world. When you enter your mums house, how many pictures can you see from the family? Normally mother’s LOVE pictures and especially pictures from kids and from their family! This is why we organized a Family Photoshoot to give away as a mother’s day present! The photoshoot will take place in the most beautiful parts in Madrid and will last for 1.5 hour to get you the most beautiful memorable pictures. Within the photoshoot are 75 professional edited pictures included.

2. Personalised Photobooks/Posters/Canvas

If you have a favourite picture from the photoshoot, or perhaps you already have a beautiful picture at home you would like to print..! Here we are! We offer personalised Photobooks – Posters & Canvas prints for your favourite picture. With fast delivery and high quality you have a beautiful gift to give to your mother with a memory what will last lifetime!

Best Mother's day gift
Best Mother’s day gift

3. Gift Voucher

Does your mum love shopping, or love to have go to a beautysalon? Think about what does your mum really loves and go to that certain webshop to buy a nice giftvouchers. Via this way she can plan her day out and use her giftvoucher whenever she want and have a real mum me time! Now a days so many shops also wrap up the giftcard in a really cool outfit so it’s a perfect and nice present to give right a way! Go online, just click the perfect match and it will be delivered within a day!

4. Flowers

Who doesn’t like flowers? Flowers make every woman happy on earth! You proberly know your mum’s favourite flowers and if you don’t.. Find out what her favourite flowers are and buy her a beautiful bouquet! Also with flowers, you can order them online! And especially now unfortunately with the Covid-19 Quarentine time, they give you the oppertunity to order flowers online!

5. Take her out for a nice lunch/dinner

Besides giving a nice lunch or dinner as the best Mother’s day gift. Also think about that you spend some nice time with your mother on this day when you give the gift! So besided you see her on Mother’s day. You also have a nice you and Mum day after whenever it suits both of you. Bring her to her favourite restaurant, order a nice bottle of wine and enjoy the company together and make her feel special.

As you see, you can give PLENTY of nice presents. The first presents are more personalized, but on the other hand you can make every present how you want it and to give this extra special feeling to your mother.

If you are interested in the Photoshoot or personalised photobooks/posters or Canvas, please contact us or check out the website below.

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