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All our private tours are build on a 3 way concept. 1. Get knowledge about the city. All tours will be done by real locals who know all the ins and outs of Madrid and the secret street and parts of this city. Via this way you will not be only familiar with the highlights of Madrid but also the unknown parts. Besides that we walk to all these spots and will tell you the history of each spot.

2. Professional photography. We have a small selection from tourguides in the city as we also select on professional photographers. This means that within your Private tour Madrid we will make professional pictures during your tour so you don’t have to worry anymore after the tour about beautiful pictures of the city. We will make candid pictures and we will focuss on beautiful pictures with Madrid’s famous backgrounds. Within this tour you will receive 75 professional edited pictures so you will go home with a memorable souvenir.

3. Walk with a friend. As we do all tours private, this means that this tour is ONLY for YOU and it is a real YOU time. The guide is for you, the camera is for you and the entire trip is for YOU. We are a young team who LOVE to meet people from all over the world. Instead of only listening to a tourguide, we are more foccussed on the way you are having a tour from an old friend. The way we give tours and the way of a community we have we will become your friend! And after a 3 hours walking tour with lots of fun, talking and get to know each other. We are 100% sure you will have a new friend in this beautiful city.


How long is the Private tour Madrid and what will we see?

The Private tour Madrid we offer, will take 3 hours and it will be done by foot. The reason the tour is a 3 hour walking tour is because Madrid is basicly TOO big to see in 1/1.5 hour. We can honestly tell you this after many experiences. If you book a private tour we want to give you the full package and that you enjoy each and every moment. Within the tour we will show you so many places that you have a good overview of what you liked a lot and you would like to return after the tour. We will visit the following spots during the Private tour Madrid:

*Temple of Debod
*Sabatini Gardens
*Oriental Plaza
*The Royal Palace
*Almudena Catedral
*Colorfull streets of La Latina
*San Miguel Market
*Plaza Mayor
*San Gines Churros restaurant
*We will have a drink on a secret Rooftop terrace
*Gran Via
*Banco Area
*Plaza Cibilez
*Museum del Prado
*Retiro Park

As you can see.. It is a big list and totally worth it to visit them all! Have you covered EACH place now in Madrid? No you haven’t.. But you will cover almost 85 percent of the city centre. As the city is to big and other beautiful monuments and attractions are also not on a walking distance, this would be a great part then to visit them a different day. For the professional photography, we will make pictures on EACH spot during the tour! So as you can see.. after this tour you don’t need to worry anymore about the pictures. If you would like to bring extra outfits, please take them with you.


Is the Private tour Madrid expensive?

NO!! As we would like to offer this Private tour Madrid experience to EVERYONE, the price is very low (due to comments from our guests). Within the experience the following is included in the price:

*Bottle of water
*Professional Camera + 3 prime lenses
*75 professional edited pictures

The price of the entire experience has an amount of EUR 55 a person. We do the Private tour Madrid on several times a day and if you have a specific preference for time, please inform us and we will adjust to the time you wish!

Can everyone book this private tour?

YES YES YES!! As we explained before, we LOVE to meet new people from all over the world. It doesn’t matter for us if you are a Solo traveller, a couple, a group of friends or family! The experience is for YOU so book your dream tour right now!

Do we offer more tours or only the Private Madrid tour?

We have several packages in different cities! Lot’s of guests would like to book more private tours in different cities. If this is something you are thinking about, then please contact us as we offer packages as well. For this moment you can book the Private tours in the following cities:

*Private tour Madrid: 1.5 hours & 3 hours
*Private tour Segovia: 1.5 hour & 3 hours
*Toledo private tour: 1.5 hour & 3 hours
*Private tour Toledo & Segovia including transportation: full day
*Private tour only Segovia or Toledo including transportation: half day
*Valencia Private tour: 1.5 hour & 3 hours
*Private tour Marbella: 1.5 hour & 3 hours
*Private tour Mallorca: 1.5 hour & 3 hours
*Marrakesh private tour: 1.5 hour & 3 hours
*Private tour Casablanca: 1.5 hour & 3 hours

Soon we will have more cities on the list! Do you prefer to do the tour by car or travel to different cities by car with us. No problem at all! We will finish the package with including transportation so you don’t have to worry about anything during your trip!

tour valencia
tour valencia

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