Marrakech.. famous for the name: Red City! And the moment you will arrive in the city, you will exactly understand why it received this nickname! From the high, reddish-brown walls that enclosed the old medina. WIthin this city you will find blend of culture, history, unique energy, tradition and everyday life! To have the full experience you have to visit this beautiful city! And ofcourse, Travel and Abroad loves to capture everyone’s holiday with the most beautiful pictures but also in the most beautiful cities. So we have to add Marrakech on our list. From now on its also possible to book the Private Photoshoot Marrakech!

Private photoshoot Marrakesh
Private photoshoot Marrakesh

4 reasons to visit Marrakech

1.Medina. This is a must when you are traveling to this city! You can find the Medina in the historic centre of Marrakech. Beside the amazing markets, you can also find beautiful architecture, monuments an buildings. When you are visiting here, please make sure you also visit Koutobia Mosque, Badia Palace, Saadian Tombs.

2.Morrocan food. I think that the Morrocan food is one of the best cuisines in the entire world. From fesh fish, to amazing meat dishes and pastries you basicly can’t deny! Finish your nice dish with the popular Moroccan mint tea. We can really recommend to eat in the small family restaurants and not the big fancy restaurants. With the small onces, you really get the Morrocan experience!

3.Saadian Tombs. Defenitly one of the most popular attraction in the entire country. At the moment it has been grandly decorated with vibarnt tiles, intricate carvings and Arabic scripts. You will be surprised about the beauty!

4.Marrakech Souks & Markets. When you are looking for pretty pictures of Marocco.. don’t you always see the beautiful crafwork, ornaments, colorfull streets and carpets? Well then this is the place for you to visit!! They practically sell everything from cheap souvenirs to spices and Moroccan fabircs. This markets defines Marrakesh! Put this one high on your list!

private photoshoot Marrakesh
private photoshoot Marrakesh

Private Photoshoot Marrakesh with Travel and Abroad

We hope that if you read above that we convinced you to travel to this beautiful city! Because you truly have to! Put this city on top of your bucketlist! Within Travel and Abroad we offer 2 different private photoshoots. The first on is 1.5 hour and the other pakcages is 3 hours. As every photographer is a real local of the city you will receive a lot of nice knowledge about the city and about the highlights/monuments. Besides the knowledge you will not discover the city alone but you will walk with the local and he will capture your entire experience with candid pictures and with a professional photoshoot.

From the small colorfull streets, the markets and the mosques. This experience will be a different one! You are in such a special city and you will never regret the professional pictures you will receive.

The prices of the experiences depends on the amount of hours ofcourse. for the 1.5 hour Photoshoot you will pay an amount of 75 EUR including 65 professional edited pictures. But for the 3 hour photoshoot you will pay an amount of 95 EUR including 95 professional edited pictures. You will receive the pictures within a time frame of 72 hours with unlimited acces to your pictures.

Photoshoot Marrakesh 1.5H
private photoshoot marrakech

Can everyone book the Private photoshoot Marrakech?

YES!! But as we do every experience private we have several timeframes to book it. If you have a preference for a time limit, please let us know in advane so we can adjust to that. If you are a solo traveler to Marrakech or a couple, a group of friends or family.. you are welcome! This experience is for YOU so we call it a “YOU TIME”

Do we offer more tours or only the Private Photoshoot Marrakech?

We have way more cities to book the private photoshoot/phototour! In Marrocco we now have 2 cities, Casablanca & Marrakech. In Spain we are bigger at the moment and have more oppertunities for more cities. If you are traveling to more cities within Marocco or Spain, please inform us so we can create the best package for you! Below cities are available with Travel and Abroad.

*Private tour Madrid: 1.5 hours & 3 hours
*Private tour Segovia: 1.5 hour & 3 hours
*Toledo private tour: 1.5 hour & 3 hours
*Private tour Toledo & Segovia including transportation: full day
*Private tour only Segovia or Toledo including transportation: half day
*Valencia Private tour: 1.5 hour & 3 hours
*Private tour Marbella: 1.5 hour & 3 hours
*Private tour Mallorca: 1.5 hour & 3 hours
*Marrakesh private tour: 1.5 hour & 3 hours
*Private tour Casablanca: 1.5 hour & 3 hours

Would you like to really relax your trip and don’t need to worry about transportation? Let us know, we also do tours including transportation by private cars!

private photoshoot Casablanca
private photoshoot Casablanca

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