Travel Madrid after Coronavirus (Covid-19) will certainly be a safe experience. The coronavirus crisis in Spain seems to be in tough political situation. Although numbers from direct sources of the government argue that the effects are being controlled. We are steadily heading to a safe travel environment.

First of all we must consider national interest in recovering tourism industry from the black hole Covid-19 left it. Tourism accounts for almost 14% of Spain’s GDP which only reflects how prepared the national industry is and will be.

A safe experience is always part of our travel agenda. We could also argue that many tourism businesses that depend partly on volume, like airlines, restaurants, bars… May have a tougher situation when it comes to adjusting to this “new safety” in a “new reality”. But in Travel and Abroad we have always believed in a personalized service. Not only for the confidence that it brings but for safety as well. In all our experience we have confirmed that small, personalized groups (family & friends) are always easier to guide and get better pictures. Now we realize that besides privacy we are also keeping social distance amongst unknown guests.

As you may have already seen, Madrid was one of the most affected Spanish cities during the pandemic. Currently Madrid airports holds the toughest security health checks in the nation. In fact during some past weeks, tourist had to spend up to 14 days in a self paid quarantine. No worries it´s over!.


Travel Madrid after Coronavirus (Covid-19) is something we are all looking for, specially for our first photo sessions. Why? Tourism areas and landmarks will take some months to recover their average volume of visitors. And while we made great pictures surrounded by other visitors, we know they will get even better!

So if your coming to Madrid soon enough, feel free to get in touch, we will give you a fast update on the situation. Meanwhile take a look at our pictures, they are awesome! As well as all our photoshoots and tours in Madrid with professional photographer.

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