Now possible… Travel with Photographer!! You are going on holiday soon and you are already worried about the pictures? You know that feeling you have to ask a stranger to make a picture and then when you receive your camara back…. your face is super zoomed in but you really wanted a picture because it is such a pretty view? Or the picture is super blurry..? Or perhaps.. you are tired of the famous selfie stick?

With Travel and Abroad you will travel with a photographer! We will show you the city in a cool and nice vibe. We will talk for hours and you will see us not as your photographer but as your friend. Besides walking through the city and share the knowledge we have, we also make professional pictures so you will return home with the best memory of your trip!

Travel with photographer
Travel with photographer

Can everyone book a photographer with Travel and Abroad?

OMG YES!! If you are a solo traveler, in a couple, family group or with friends! We are here for you! If you travel alone you always have to ask someone to take a picture or to take a selfie ofcourse, but if you are a couple you still have the same issue. You proberly have amazing solo pictures but in the end.. how many pictures do you have together?

Exactly for that reason we love to join you on your trip for a few hours so we make the perfect pictures and after the session you can relax your holiday and you don’t even have to worry anymore about any picture!

photoshoot madrid
travel with photographer

How long is the session?

We have different sessions from 1 hour, 1.5 hour and 3 hours. Depends as well in which city you will book + how long you would like to have the tour including photoshoot.

We do not only make pictures, but we really show you the city. The ins and out of a city so where normally only the locals come. Via this way we would like to give you a real home away from home feeling + you see the city with a different eye. And ofcourse, as well the big monuments and why the city is famous is included! On each and every spot we will tell you about the history and knowledge and besides that we will make professional pictures on each spot. This means, that in the end of the tour you will receive a 55+ picture set so you have a really good memory of all places you have visited.

Photoshoot Marrakesh 3H
travel with photographer

In which cities is Travel and Abroad active?

Travel with a photographer with Travel and Abroad is now active in 20 cities and way more to come! If your city for you destinations is not on the list, please inform us so we can work hard to make it happen in your holiday destination city. For now here you will find the cities we offer the Phototour.

*San Sebastian
*Las Palmas





Photoshoot Ibiza 3H
Travel with Photographer

Travel with Photographer Travel and Abroad Private

Every Phototour we do is PRIVATE. This means that the time you book us it is a real YOU time. You don’t need to wait for someone else who first jumps into the camera or you won’t visit the city with a group. If you are a solo traveler, couple or in a group the time you book is totally for you.

travel with photographer
travel with photographer

Check out the Private phototour Madrid:

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