Yes!!! 6 free spring photoshoot ideas!! Are you also tired of the cold weather and so ready for the beautiful flowers and the sun?? Well then say hello now and welcome SPRING! Let’s be honest, when you see these beautiful flower and you are walking in the sun ins’t it way more easy to get your camera our or phone to make beautiful pictures. Besides making pictures ins’t it exciting to find new and unique place for the best picture in spring? We receive many bookings within spring and we thought let’s share some great photoshoot idea’s with you and make you ready for a spring photoshoot!

  1.  Cherry blossom trees
  2. Happy streets
  3. Picknick Time
  4. Spring Photoshoot with your own flowers!
  5. Colorful backgrounds for your spring photoshoot
  6. Put on some spring clothes

1. Cherry blossom trees!

Okay, this one is just basically fantastic for Spring. You have to be fast with making a beautiful spring photoshoot here as the cherry blossom trees unfortunately won’t bloom very long! Wear something light or even a beautiful dress and the outcome will be spectacular! Try to move your arms within the photoshoot like a bird to get to have the best effect!

Cherry Blossom Maternity {Livermore/Pleasanton Maternity Photographer} |

2. Happy streets

Colorful streets are actually good during the entire year but during spring the picture speaks more as we are going back into summer. We can say bye to the rainy and grey weather and the color is coming back during these months. So let’s find beautiful colorful streets to complete this spring photoshoot!


3. Picknick Time!

What’s more fun & romantic then a nice picnic in a park? Bring your blanket, snacks, your sunglasses and of course some bubbles! With a pick nick you can capture so many different poses and angles to complete the best spring photoshoot!

4. Spring Photoshoot with your own flowers!

If you would like the spring photoshoot at home, in a beautiful park or somewhere in the city.. when you bring flowers you always bring spring to you! And yeah, why not?? Flowers will always complete a photoshoot and will give you the best results! so don’t be shy and buy your FAVORITE flowers now and bring them to the session!

Photographer in Santa Rosa CA

5. Colorful backgrounds for your spring photoshoot!

With Travel and Abroad we are in so many cities all over the world and some cities are even located in the dessert! So will be more hard to find the beautiful spring flowers! And even THEN!! We can make is happen to start a spring photoshoot! Why not looking for colorful backgrounds? You will find color everywhere !!


6. Put on some spring clothes!

YES!!! finally we can store our sweaters and big jackets somewhere deep in the closet and we can slowly bring summer clothes back to life! To complete a beautiful photoshoot starts with bringing accessories. Think about sunglasses, flowers or even a hat! It’s always good to have something in your hands to play with to make it more natural for the picture. And come on..? How beautiful within the spring weather is it to put on your favorite dress again??

Photoshoot Ibiza

So in conclusion aren’t you excited for spring?? What do you think about our 6 free spring photoshoot ideas? Are you ready to run outside right now and start making beautiful pictures or even thinking about making a professional photoshoot? Contact us now to book your photoshoot in your favorite city and enjoy the most beautiful time of the year!

You can see more of our work at our instagram and you can book your spring photoshoot here in any location!

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