Couple photoshoot ideas and poses are a must. If you have already started planning your romantic photoshoot, keep on reading. Our local photographers will help you pose if you need, they are professionals. In travelandabroad we cover your love story, from proposal to wedding.


Below are some of our favorite lovers photoshoot ideas and poses:

  1. Couple Photoshoot Ideas

    If you want to find the best couple photoshoot ideas you need some research and we are here to give you some of our own. To start with, you will need to plan many things besides your poses. How much light do you want? What time of the day? Finding a perfect spot is not easy. You must also take into consideration how crowded the place can be.

  2. Memorable couple photoshoot ideas

    Photoshoot poses can be the most difficult and fun part of the experience. Maybe you want to check some of our ideas. Remember that natural pictures always look great. Look to each other laugh, smile, jump, kiss or go somewhere special.

  3. Loving Couple Photoshoot Ideas

    Take advantage of the situation, be romantic. It is a time for you both to show your essence and love for each other. Let us capture the moment so you can have it for ever.

  4. Special Couple Photoshoot Ideas

    No one will make it more special than you. But we can help from our concierge service to arrange any detail you need to make your photoshoot memorable.

Couple Photoshoot Poses

You will definitely want to prepare this section.Even though our photographer will help you with posing, take a look into some examples too.Preparing for your couple photoshoot poses by creating a small file with some inspiration. Here are some of our favorite poses, romantic, fin and special. Couple photography is an entire world so choose well what actually suits you.

Hugging her or him

photographer munich

Cross walk with hands 

Look to each other 

Photographer Corfu Photoshoot corfu

Kissing like in a movie 

Shoulder nap

Heraklion Photoshoot

Head kiss while leaning on each other 

rhodes photoshoot

Hold hands while kissing

Photoshoot Crete

Fix your sight on what matters while holding hands

Zakynthos Photoshoot

Beach walk 


Hug from the back

photoshoot madrid

photoshoot madrid


Sitting romantically

honeymoon Madrid

Walk to the camera

Madrid phototour

Colorful backgrounds kiss

Things to do in Madrid 2020

Truly posing is always important. But the key to any photoshoot will always be the connection with the photographer. Let us create the perfect atmosphere for your couple photo session.

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