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Have you ever heard of a photographer for vacation..?? If not.. we will tell you all about it! Cause now it the best time to hire a professional photographer for vacation!

Are you also tired of your selfie stick? For instance.. You are asking a stranger who is passing by to make a picture and the picture came out extremly blurry? Or can you relate with us when we say.. you are standing in front of a beutiful view and ask someone to make a picture and when you are looking to the picture you don’t see anything of the background but your head is very zoomed in… Well welcome to 2021!!! Therefor now adays we have Vacation photographers!!

What is a vacation photographer?

A Vacation Photographer is a photographer who will take professional photos from you while your having your vacation. With the vacation photographer you will receive a set am out of photos what is included in the package.

What is nice is that the photoshoot is for everyone! From solo travelers, to families, friends and couples! It will totally take away your stress to have nice pictures from your holiday. The pictures you will receive are professional, and in the best quality!


Why hire a photographer for vacation?

Forget the throw away cameras from a long long time ago!! Now adays everyone who is on holiday wants to post instantly the beautiful holiday pictures on their social media! Think about Instagram, facebook, tiktak and many many more.

Therefor there are so many reasons to hire a professional photographer during your holiday trip! You dont need to worry anymore about making pictures on the Coolest spots, you can finally relax!! No more need to edit the pictures professional as all is taken care of! Find here 5 reasons why you should defenitly hire a vacation photographer!

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  1. Local photographers know all the best spots!

No more need for walking rounds and rounds on the same square and no need anymore to get lost! Try to book your vacation photographer in the beginning of your trip so the photographer can beside make beautiful pictures also show you around! They will take you to the off beaten path and the most iconic views of the city. The locals have all the inside knowledge.

2. They speak the local language!

Besides that it is really handy that the vacation photographer speaks the languague, he /she can also help you finding your way and giving you some basic tips to offer a coffee or a drink!

3. There are memories that last for a lifetime

Photos speak a thousand words, so let a professional capture those perfect shots for you so all you have to do is enjoy the moment and look forward to a collection of wonderful photographic memories to look back on. 

4. Vacation Photographers are affordable

Hiring your own private photographer isn’t as expensive as you may think. There are several pakcages starting from 30 minutes to 1 hour to 2 or 3 hours even! The starting price is from 65 EUR wich includes a minimum of 35 pictures professional edited. 

5. Your pictures will be taken with professional gear

How beautiful your pictures can be with a phone it will never be the same with a professional camera and the professional editing touching after the photosession.

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Book your Photographer for vacation now with Travel and Abroad!

Travel and Abroad is specialized and focused on vacation photographers in many cities all over the world! They will bring you in contact with the best photographer of the city you will visit. Within 48/72 hours you already receive all your pictures professional edited via a link where you have unlimited access to.

Packages start from $75 for 1 hour and up to $150 for 2 hrs.

So … in conclusion.. Dont wait and go ahead and hire a professional photographer for your vacation. Book here you Vacation photoshoot now! As well you can see their portfolio over here. And have a lifttime of joy and the best souvenir!

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