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In photography we have a term called: Golden hour! We as photographers LOVE to make pictures druipt this time of the day. But in the end.. what exactly is golden hour? Today we will give you more information about this topic!

What is golden hour?

The golden hour is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset. This light is redder and softer then when the sun is higher in the sky. Is it a short period of time and its not exactly 1 hour. But its the best hour and it has the best light for your photosession.


Is there only 1 golden hour a day?

yes!! That is correct, there is only 1 golden hour but we do have more and different terms we use within photoshoots and photography. If you doubt between what time you would like to have your photoshoot and what will be the best light for your pictures. We will always reccommend the golden hour above the blue hour or twilight!

Golden hour

The golden hour is thetime the color of the sky goes from red and orange to yellow or lets even call it: golden tones. You can also see it because the lightning is very soft since the sun is low in the sky. Because of this soft golden light it won’t produce strong shadow and hars lighting in your picture.

Blue Hour

During the blue hour the sky has a deep blue hue with a cold color temperature and hard colors. You can find this beautiful light at the beginning of the evening and at the end of the mornings.  You can find the blue hour just before the sunset and just after the golden hour with sunset.


Twilights are the time intervals happening between night and day, before sunrise and after sunset. The sun is below the horizon, but its light is visible because it illuminates the upper layers of the atmosphere.

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What is important during a photoshoot with Golden hour?

  1. Plan your shoot.

Find the best location and try to visualize your composities so you can fully use the time when the golden hour starts.

2. Use apps.

You can find many and several apps that will list the sunset times and tell you exactly where the sun will be at any given time or place. This will help you a lot while preiring for your photoshoot.

3. Take lots of photos.

Try to take a lot of pictures during the golden houras the light is changing every single minute and even master then you realize!

4. Go beyond the golden hour.

As we explained you before after the golden hour we will have the blue hour. Try to stay and make more pictures when the golden hour is gone so you will have a complete different perspectife of the pictures with a cold blue background.

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Which app is the best to use to find out what time is Golden Hour?

The app we use a lot and to find what time the golden hour is every day is called:

Within this app it will help you find the best time for the best light based on your location where ever you are! We as professional photographers work a lot with this app.Check it out, its super worth it! Find below the app we were talking about!

You can book your Golden Hour photoshoot here with us in your favourite city!


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