Are you coming to Spain’s capital? Get ready to discover it in a unique experience with a Professional Photographer in Madrid.

So you are probably looking into booking your flight, your hotel, some dinners and flamenco shows. And of course a local photographer to take you to the best, most iconic and instagrammable spots in town. But the questions arise. How to book the best Photographer in Madrid?, in this post we give you some tips.

Local Photographer

First of all, you have to check for a local photographer. They are normally listed on the internet or you can find some on instagram as well. By the way, let us know in the comments how you found us . 😉 (Would be great to know).

Photographer’s Portfolio

Secondly, if you have found your local photographer, good job! Now it is time to check the quality of his or her work. Most photographers now-a- days have their best shots on instagram. If they don´t they probably have an online based portfolio. Check for: the style, the focus, backgrounds and photo spots. Photo spots are normally specified under the profile account name on Instagram or in the same name of the image gallery. Image galleries are normally referred to as the online photo gallery.

You can check our Instagram to see all our favorite shots 😉

Photographer´s Availability

If you liked the photographers style and spots you are ready to book your Professional Photographer in Madrid. There are important things to take into account, for instance: the season, time of the year, time of the day, maybe outfits… Above all, the perfect picture has to be taken at the perfect time. And therefore perfect time is totally personal.

To finish and go click that booking button just take into account these three key tips.

Travel and Abroad, above all makes it easy for you to check our, local photographers, their style and schedule.In addition we have many options for you in Madrid and other cities close by, available here.

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