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Why take a couples photoshoot

Not every day you have the opportunity to express your partner how much you care about them, surprise him or her with a couples photoshoot. With this photo session you can have the loving time together while we capture the best moment for you. A couples photoshoot is all about the perfect opportunity to capture the best memories together. 

Or maybe your planning on a secret proposal!!

Congratulations on your wedding proposal!! It’s the time, the big moment! And we are here to capture it for eternity. We have helped hundreds of couples not only by taking breath taking pictures of their wedding proposals. But by providing a full proposal experience by helping and preparing for the moment. Reach us to know what else we can do to help you plan your wedding proposal with our concierge service. 



Reschedule policy

Free Reschedule is applicable if you submit the reschedule request by at maximum 96 hours (4 days) before your initial photoshoot date.

Cancellation policy

Free Cancellation is applicable if you submit the cancellation request by at maximum 96 hours (4 days) before your initial photoshoot date

Get your photos in 72hours

Your photos will be edited and ready for download through our website or app within 48 hours of completing the photoshoot.

Photographer transportation and entrance fees

Our photographers are local photographers in the city where you will do the photoshoot. Therefore, there are no travel or accommodation expenses. However, if you want your photoshoot to happen on remote places that are more than 1 hour outside of the city center or any places that require ticket fee, there might be an additional charge.


Top 5 Couples Photoshoot Ideas & Poses

Idea #1

You, Me and Our Conversations

If you are thinking of a photoshoot, you are probably thinking of standing at a spot and start posing. With a couple photo shoot this is exactly not true at all. We love to capture the true love of both of you. We will let you talk to each other, dance with each other and you can truly be yourself and crazy. It is our job to capture this perfect moments whenever one of you tells a joke to capture that specific moment. Of course the professional couple photographer will also help you with some poses to make the best out of it but the most important is to be yourself.  

The most important is that you try to forget that you are being captured with pictures. But you need to have an amazing day and time with your partner. So practice your jokes at home and safe them for during your photos hoot. 

Heraklion Photoshoot

Idea #2

Holding hands

This pose will never go out of fashion. Not everyone likes to have intimate poses and this pose is really easy and holding hands says it all. Without being very intimate the love will show it all. As well with holding hands there is plenty of room for different kind of shots. Think about walking hand in hand or holding each other while holding hands. its all possible during your couple photo shoot. 

A Base pose will in the end be one of the best pose! Hold your partners hand and bring it to your heart. Here we already start with capturing amazing photos. 


Idea #3

Get your almost kiss pose

How many times do friends or people ask you… come on!! give each other a kiss for the picture. Did you know that the almost kiss is way better captured photo? When you go nose to nose and almost give each other a kiss, there is when the face speaks and when you can see the true love. You will get calm and you feel safe with your partner. We are trained to capture these kind of perfect moments. 

honeymoon Madrid

Idea #4

Speak to each other

Lot of photographers use the speak to each other tip. When you are close to each other for the picture speak in your partners ear something. Can be funny can be serious but also can be romantic. The moment you or your partner talks to you in your ear in silence you will start to laugh a 100% and that is when we can capture the best real emotions of your relationship!


Idea #5

Made for Each Other

Now a days you have so many clothes what will match with each other. think about I’m hers and the other t-shirt will mention I’m his. And not only with a matching outfit. Matching stuff can also be a cap, shoes or even jewelry. And maybe you don’t like matching outfits at all! Everyone is different and you should make this couple photo shoot exactly to what you want. Put on your favorite outfit or even bring more outfits. but you can always match something for the picture!

Madrid phototour


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5 Bullet-Proof Reasons to Hire a Couples Photographer

1. Beautiful professional edited pictures

So you made a nice picture with your mobile phone and trying to add in on your new instagram feed and are using the instagram filters to add it on your profile.. Well don’t worry about this anymore as the professional photographers don’t only capture the best pictures for you but will edit them professional for your. This vacation couples photo shoot is a true gift and a nice treatment to yourself which you should enjoy fully. With Travel and Abroad you will receive your pictures within 72 hours fully edited as well. So the moment you receive them you are ready to post!

2. Local Professional Photographers

Its your first time in this beautiful city you are visiting during your holiday. But where are all the amazing locations and spots? For sure you can find a lot online now a days but we will always connect your with a local professional photographer who knows the city better than anyone else. Via this way you are also visiting the city on a different way as you will see a lot of secret and hidden spots within the city. Besides making the best pictures he/she will also recommend a ton of places to go and where all the good restaurants are or maybe your new favorite bar in town.

3. Knowledge

Don’t forget about all the knowledge a professional couple photographer has. Whatever equipment they will use, the most important is that they know how to use their equipment from the in and outside.

If you will hire your family friend you have a big change you’ll be stuck with nice iPhone pictures. With a professional Couple photographer you know he/she will show up with professional gear to capture each and every perfect moment of your trip.

As well what is very important within the photography world is the major factor to know the good lighting techniques. A professional photographer will know to create unique and customized scenes that best fit the time of day they are shooting at.

4. They will capture you from your best angle

We can even hear you’re thoughts right now.. But this side of my face is way better in the pictures then the other one. Believe us.. a professional vacation couple photographer will know that while looking through his camera. The reason he mentioned it is that you will be more natural when you have your best side in the camera and you feel more happy.

An experiences couple photographer knows the best lighting and angles to capture the best photos during your photo session. When he/she brings you to beautiful buildings or monuments or specific views he will make sure you and your partner + the view will be spectacular in the pictures.

5. What happens in a moment, can be held onto for a lifetime

Imagine you booked your vacation photographer and you have all the time in your mind to finally ask the big questions during this photoshoot and your partner have absolutely no idea!! This is one of the best reasons to hire a professional couple photographer to capture this moment for a life time.

A proposal normally only takes a few seconds of euphoric high but its also a moment from the time you started dating to the time you will become life time partners. A professional couple photographer can capture this beautiful tangible pictures for a life changing moment.



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