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Reschedule policy

Free Reschedule is applicable if you submit the reschedule request by at maximum 96 hours (4 days) before your initial photoshoot date.

Cancellation policy

Free Cancellation is applicable if you submit the cancellation request by at maximum 96 hours (4 days) before your initial photoshoot date

Get your photos in 72hours

Your photos will be edited and ready for download through our website or app within 48 hours of completing the photoshoot.

Photographer transportation and entrance fees

Our photographers are local photographers in the city where you will do the photoshoot. Therefore, there are no travel or accommodation expenses. However, if you want your photoshoot to happen on remote places that are more than 1 hour outside of the city center or any places that require ticket fee, there might be an additional charge.


How does a family photoshoot feel?



Why take a family photoshoot

Families rarely have the opportunity of getting together, why not take the chance and capture the moment, surprise them with a family photoshoot. A professional photoshoot will guarantee the quality of the moment. But hey a family photoshoot is all about you and your loved ones the perfect opportunity to capture the best memories together. 

Weather for Christmas, halloween, your holidays or any other special ocassion let us capture your memorable moments together.

It’s the time, the big moment! And we are here to capture it for eternity. We have helped hundreds of families not only by taking breath taking pictures of their family events. But by providing a full experience by helping and preparing for the moment. Reach us to know what else we can do to help you plan your family photoshoot with our concierge service. 

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TOP 5 family photoshoot ideas


1. The great Outdoors!! 

3 women and 2 men sitting on green grass field during daytime
Yes! Natural light, fresh air and a worldwide variety of backgrounds! Outdoor photography is without a doubt one of our favourites. Its a day out, a family plan, great for everyone in the family, And an awesome excuse to get some fresh air while we capture your best family moments! 


2. At home

man in white crew neck t-shirt sitting beside woman in white crew neck t-shirt
Feeling cozy? We are! And this is one of our favourite family photoshoot ideas. We love the great outdoors but oh my, we also love comfortable and comfy locations, where the light is steady and the environments smells like home. Show of your great indoors universe with some great family portraits! 


3. Our clients’ favourite family photoshoot idea: THE BEACH!


woman in black and white striped long sleeve shirt carrying girl in blue and white dress
But why!? Simple! It’s great 😀 haha yes, as simple as that. Sunny or not, morning or afternoon, the beach always delivers great results. But hey, the beach is only for professional photographers, so if the beach is one of our favourite family photoshoot ideas. Be sure to book with us, only the best of the best. 

4. With our fluffy friends 

women sitting beside girl while carrying gay cat during daytime
These are special moments, our cutest family members create unique bonds. Be sure to capture them with a professional family photoshoot and keep them for ever.

5. Holiday Family Photoshoot

woman in black long sleeve shirt carrying girl in brown scarf
We left our favourite for the last one, holiday family pictures. These are without a doubt our most special sessions. They are, in fact, think about it, the ones you have been waiting for the most. You have come a long way, you had your moments together but you are finally at your destination and you are finally feeling and sharing the moment together. New experiences bring the most happiness to your life, let us capture it and give you unforgettable memories of your trip!





What to wear to a family photoshoot?

Choosing the best outfit for your family photoshoot will depend on many things. first of all we have to take a look at the seasons. It doesn’t matter what the event is, the season will always underline the style of our perfect family photoshoot outfit. 


Family photoshoot outfits fall:

Denim and other “fallish” tones like brownish, yellowish and darker tones of red are great. Use that squares shirt that has been sitting at the end of the closet all summer. Take those hidden jeans and start preparing for winter because you are in fall. 

Family photoshoots outfits winter:

Your cozziest outfit and biggest coat are still a thing. If your shoot is indoors you can even go extreme and take one or two in PJ’s the look great! But most important of all if you’re in winter you are in Christmas. Admit it, you must have a christmas big jersey with Rudolf or santa somewhere. Now it’s the time to use it. 

Family photoshoots outfits spring:

This one is the easiest one, catchy tones and flowery backgrounds are always best. Long skirts, half open jackets and thin sweaters are the pick for this season. 

Family photoshoots outfits summer: 

White. Yes, white is the best and most eye catching color for a summer family photoshoot. Other popular options are light blue shirts with white pants. Or white shirt with jeans. Basically any combination that includes white. 

In conclusion 

Choosing the best outfit for your family photoshoot will depend on the time of the year and second of all on the event type. the more formal, the more elegant we will dress. Our advice is to always gather 2 or 3 different outfit ideas and share them with the family. And coordinate with them the outfit. After all. its a group experience! 


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Tips to prepare for your family photoshoot


5 Bullet-Proof Reasons to Hire a Family Photographer

1. Beautiful professional edited pictures

So you made a nice picture with your mobile phone and trying to add in on your new instagram feed and are using the instagram filters to add it on your profile.. Well don’t worry about this anymore as the professional photographers don’t only capture the best pictures for you but will edit them professional for your. This family photo shoot is a true gift and a nice treatment to yourself which you should enjoy fully. With Travel and Abroad you will receive your pictures within 72 hours fully edited as well. So the moment you receive them you are ready to post!

2. Local Professional Photographers

Its your first time in this beautiful city you are visiting during your holiday. But where are all the amazing locations and spots? For sure you can find a lot online now a days but we will always connect your with a local professional photographer who knows the city better than anyone else. Via this way you are also visiting the city on a different way as you will see a lot of secret and hidden spots within the city. Besides making the best pictures he/she will also recommend a ton of places to go and where all the good restaurants are or maybe your new favorite bar in town.

3. Knowledge

Don’t forget about all the knowledge a professional family photographer has. Whatever equipment they will use, the most important is that they know how to use their equipment from the in and outside.

If you will hire your family friend you have a big change you’ll be stuck with nice iPhone pictures. With a professional Couple photographer you know he/she will show up with professional gear to capture each and every perfect moment of your trip.

As well what is very important within the photography world is the major factor to know the good lighting techniques. A professional photographer will know to create unique and customized scenes that best fit the time of day they are shooting at.

4. They will capture you from your best angle

We can even hear you’re thoughts right now. But this side of my face is way better in the pictures then the other one. Believe us.. a professional vacation family photographer will know that while looking through his camera. The reason he mentioned it is that you will be more natural when you have your best side in the camera and you feel more happy.

An experiences family photographer knows the best lighting and angles to capture the best photos during your photo session. When he/she brings you to beautiful buildings or monuments or specific views he will make sure you and your partner + the view will be spectacular in the pictures.

5. What happens in a moment, can be held onto for a lifetime

Imagine you booked your family photographer and you have all the time in your mind to finally ask the big questions during this photoshoot and your partner have absolutely no idea!! This is one of the best reasons to hire a professional couple photographer to capture this moment for a life time.

A professional family photographer can capture this beautiful tangible pictures for a life changing moment.

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