Plan your perfect couple photoshoot with this easy four step guide. Planning your day to the detail can be challenging. That is why we wrote this great guide, to give you the best couple photo session ideas. Welcome to our hustle free tips!


Surprise your other half following these steps for your couple photoshoot

NUMBER #1: Location is key.

Location is all about personal taste. And it will be key to your couple photoshoot If you are a romantic, easy going and relaxed couple, you might want to look into places like Santa Rosa CA. Maybe you guys prefer something a bit more busy like San Fracisco. Or something more adventures like Rhodes Greece. In travel and abroad we have plenty of destinations you can browse to help you decide the best couple photoshoot backgrounds and locations.


Our photographers are always open to new ideas. After all they are local photographers and know the city like the back of their hand. Finding the perfect location for your romantic photoshoot can be a challenge. Some places have opening/closing hours, other public areas may be temporarily closed or wont allow photographers. Feel free to comment it with your photographer.  Let us know in the comments or chat what are your locations of choice and our photographer will answer your questions.

NUMBER #2 Its All About the Timing.

Photographer Corfu Photoshoot corfu

Time of the year, day in the month, time of the day are just some of the things you must have in mind. Any of them can change your couple photoshoot completely. Have you herd about the golden hour? This magical moment of the day happens all year round. Discover your location´s golden hour here. The famous golden hour can make your couple photo session stand out. Besides the golden hour, early mornings are the best to take pictures. The light during these times is always the best. If you decide to go for a morning romantic photoshoot remember to ask our local photographer all the best tips to continue your day exploring the location.

Expert advice? Book a shoot during the week (work days). It will clear probable unwanted multitudes 😉.

NUMBER #3: A perfect match

We have received the question “what should i wear for my photo shoot” thousands of times. And there is only one answer. “Wear something that makes you feel comfortable”. A photo session is something to enjoy and feel good about. For example, bringing new outfits can also not be the answer. Clothes you have not worn before can make you feel uncomfortable during your couple photo shoot.

Here are some couple photoshoot outfits ideas:

Start by the shoes, always. Shoes are easy to carry around, if you prefer taking more than one pair, feel free. Or go romantic bare feet. (beware of the first two steps; location and time of the year) no one want freezing toes.

No logo (is usually the best policy). Try not wearing fashion branding unless you really want to.

One of our favorite couple photo shoot outfit ideas is to bring more than one outfit. If you get tired of your first one you will always have a second or even third option. It will boost your confidence, provide more game to the photographer and a bigger variety of pictures.

Make up? Only if you need, it can get uncomfortable depending on how much we are moving, or even sometimes of course the time of the year. Don´t use more than you would normally use.

Matching outfits can be a challenge and many couples have to pass first by the store. How ever, there is nothing like a well matched outfit for a couple photo shoot. Try not being identical, simply a nice match, different tones… if your looking for the next level of photoshoot, ask for our concierge service and make up artist.

If your romantic shoot is during a trip > Check our vacation photographer information.

rhodes photoshoot

Number #4 couple photoshoot Poses

Welcome to the everlasting subject of how to pose. You will definitely want to prepare this section. There are many ways of posing for a photoshoot. Weather you want to go for a old school style or something more candid. Even though our photographers will help you with posing, take a look into some examples too in our latest blog on how to pose with examples.

Prepare for your couple photoshoot poses by creating a small file with some inspiration. We previously created a blog with some examples. Here are some of our favorite poses, romantic, fun and special. Couple photography is an entire world so choose well what actually suits you and your other half.

Truly posing is always important. If its your first time dont worry. Travelandabroad photographers will help you out. But the key to any photoshoot will always be the connection and trust with the photographer. Let us create the perfect atmosphere and moment for your couple photo session.

Photoshoot Crete

Find more poses inspiration on our instagram.!


In conclusion

How to enjoy your couple photoshoot

#1.Location is Key. Choose a spot you´d like to visit, stay for sometime and admire the view. Travel and Abroad professionals will take care of the rest.

#2. Golden hour is king. Remember to check what the golden hour is on your location.

#3. Match, look for couple photo shoot outfit ideas and get some inspiration. Bring something comfortable.

#4. Posing for your couple photoshoot. Research! Here are some examples. And if you prefer not to, our professionals at Travelandabroad will give you all the tips you need.

#5. Choose a style. Weather candidly or full on mode prepare for stunning memories.

#6.  ♫No worries. About a thing ♫. Specially about rain, it looks great and otherwise we are always available to reschedule.

#6. Enjoy. An occasion like this is not a daily experience. Nurture it, we always do even if its our day to day. We love it!

#8. Share your smiles. With family and friends, let them know, by the time they see the pictures they will wish it was them.


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Its your time, smile, laugh, hug, kiss, role in the grass and enjoy you couple photoshoot. Travelandabroad professionals will capture every magical moment and make the experience last for ever.